5 New Innovations that Communications Pros Can’t Avoid

Business cards are passé. We are talking about the latest innovation that can change the way you exchange contacts. The Quick-Response code is here to help. Name, mobile phone numbers, email, fax, address, and all other contact details which you share through a business card can now be packed in a small square patch of digital code. All one needs to do is scan it using a smartphone. QR codes can do much more – provide product descriptions, offer discount vouchers, invite to social network groups, invite to events, redirect to websites and online videos……




A mix of social network, location mapping technology and online gaming, foursquare blurs the line between reality and the virtual world. As you can track yours and your friend’s movements across the world on this media, define destinations and check-in using your smartphone.  Frequent checking in at one location can make you the mayor of that place, well in the virtual world. Marketers are using this to target geo-specific services like real estate and home care. It has a lot of scope in local and SME businesses. So PR pros, do you have your foursquare strategy ready yet?






Now this is one thing that’s going to change the way you represent information. Experts say that infographics are soon going to kill the press releases. Anyway, who doesn’t like an interesting, easy to digest way to convey facts rather than a boring old two pager? Infographic fever is catching up and soon you will see it on everything right from company profiles to resumes. Have you thought about dazzling your client with an infographic presentation today?







Don’t take it as just another entrant into social media. Google plus is being touted as the next big marketing tool. Only that the possibilities with this social network are still being explored. The ‘hangout’ feature lets you do video conference calls and the circles are a brand new way of listing friends and followers which can help you in targeting your campaigns. One thing is sure that google+ gives better SEO features and can be a boon for bloggers. So get on it and start working on a +1 strategy if you haven’t so far.





Recently read a journalist about how the volumes of press releases have exploded and how most releases are not even read. Press conferences need a lot of efforts and you may never be sure how many jurnos may turn up for the event. Also getting the right kind of beat to receive your release is a PR pro’s nightmare. Online business wires are making this simple. Just subscribe to the services like PRNewswire, IndiaPRwire and eReleases and target the right media. Your release gets delivered without any hassle.

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