Kids, imminent influencers in sales – how are marketers adapting?

Maruti Suzuki Esteem Daddy's big Car



(A Swift DZire ad featuring a little girl who instantly get liked because of her Dad’s new car.)

A cleverly placed Dr. Pepper can in a Spiderman movie, the use of the ubiquitous iPhone in every episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ or a sudden surge in Ray-Ban Wayfarers being worn by Disney stars – ‘subtle’ marketing for the socially cool teenager is not a new concept. But what’s actually interesting is the recent shift in focus by corporate marketers. No longer targeting the ‘purchasing parents’ segment, advertisers are now tailoring commercials to appeal to their children, in the hopes that these infant influencers will be able to work on a new angle when it comes to convincing daddy to buy the bigger, cooler car.

Global ads, like the one for Porsche’s 911 Carrera –


show a child building a long-term bond with the car. Indian ads like Maruti Esteem’s “My daddy’s biiiiig car” and Lenovo’s –“Please, daddy!”


ad with the tag line – packed with features dad WILL pay for; are designed in such a manner that they touch upon certain trends and topics that immediately set a child’s tongue wagging. But, at the end of the day, are children really influential enough to impact a purchasing decision?

A little bit of research by KidSense concludes that when it comes to buying a two wheeler, here’s how important a child’s viewpoints are.

How involved are today’s kids with two wheelers?

50% of all kids contacted claimed to be involved with two wheelers as a product category. The involvement, is higher in case of boys (55%) as compared to the girls (45%), with boys talking about and discussing two wheelers more than girls.

Do kids play a role of consultants to their parents in the case of two wheeler purchase?

32% parents acknowledge the fact that their kids do all the research and express opinions about two wheelers. This information is then taken into consideration when making the purchase.

Role of commercials

71% kids said they like to watch two wheeler advertisements on television.

Does the involvement translate into influence?

Kids’ involvement in two wheelers as a category translates into healthy influence as well. Nearly 40 % parents endorse their kid’s view that their opinion is frequently followed when buying two wheelers.

Finally, does it translate into actual purchase?

A sizable number of kids who are interested in two wheelers as a category, accompany their parents while going shopping for two wheelers. A good number of parents also state that they take their kids along when shopping for two wheelers.

So, it’s safe to say, with the transition from merely being involved, to influencer and further to actual purchasing aid, children are fast becoming the new target audience for companies wanting to push their products; and with good reason.

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