Decoding the Fall of Hissar and the Rise of Anna

Team Anna and Messaging

The by-elections results of the Hissar Lok Sabha seat located barely a 100 Km away from famous Panipat battle grounds could witness the last nail being hit into the coffin for the UPA political combine. The mandate handed by the Janata is an indication of dark clouds ahead for the Congress. While team Anna could now climb on the tallest building in the capital and beat their chest hard, mocking their adversaries and flaunting their political might.

Since the start of the anti-corruption campaign, India had to deal with high inflation rate, terrorist attacks, monsoon mayhem, agenda highjackers, inter-cabinet power struggle & most important India’s whitewash defeat in England. But nothing seemed to distract media attention from the anti-corruption movement. The word “Anna” remains regular on front page of any newspaper in India as its masthead.  Anna had to avoid stagnation to the campaign’s momentum as it endangered pushing team Anna out of news. The campaign had to stay relevant, focused on its target (Congress leadership) and sensationalist till the winter session of parliament.

Hissar by-poll was a media opportunity too good to miss for the non-political movement to indulge in ostentatious display of its non-existent political might. The brilliance of PR & media messaging is in divulging only the facts that matter (while the rest remains unsaid, unheard and unknown).  In Hissar by-poll, Anna wanted to defeat the Congress in order to portray his hold on the Janata & thus the ballot boxes. Interesting, Congress doesn’t have much to lose in Hisar as it has never won the seat, except under Bhajan Lal eons ago. Victory to any other candidate would not have upset the Congress as much as the loss of its candidate Jai Prakash.

The Hissar by-poll has left Congress flabbergasted, while contributing to a stronger brand value for team Anna. This however is not the end of the problem; it is just the start…

Written by Rishi Vaidya for Image Management

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