Google+ for Businesses. Are Brands Prepared?

Fitting in the best of both worlds

The Evolution and peculiarity:

There had been a lot of anticipation regarding the new social dynamics that Google was promising to bring in through its circles, and even more apprehension by other social networking forums, about the popularity of this digital master. But having said that, the vying social forums need not yet worry about their irrelevance. In an attempt to come up with something profoundly unique and different, Google has tried to put in the best of both worlds- social networking with friends as well as creating a reliable platform for business firms to incorporate  in their marketing strategies. Based upon the immense popularity Google had already mustered in the minds of its target audience, it managed another colossal 15 percent increase within just 3 weeks as compared to the humble 7 percent growth, managed by Facebook. Through its distinctive features as circles, hangouts, sparks and +1 Google attempted to make social networking a more personalized and social web experience. Circles allow users to effectively segment their followers into different groups and customize their target communication, with each circle accordingly.


What’s in store for the businesses?

Google initially allowed small and big scale companies to have a page to share their activities on, but Google+ plus has now gone a step further by adding the +1 button to it. By clicking on that people can add to the endorsements of the company or the product. But the big firms can still stay elevated in the market hierarchy by buying more links than small business entities, holding them to their humble budgets. For enhancing the visibility, Google+ has come up with a remarkable new add-on of Google+ Direct Connect, where searchers can readily insert a “+” before their query and jump directly onto a business’s Google+ page. By joining hands with video sharing and  photo sharing biggies, Google plus has added, tremendously, to its presence.


No wonder the demands from business firms, of Google+ are huge, but unfortunately it still hasn’t come as a respite to the promotion hungry marketer. With contests and sweepstakes still not fitting in on the page frame, Google+ has succeeded in keeping relationships between individuals and businesses rather authentic and less risky.

A peep into the future.

A few more things that Google+ is counting upon, in an attempt to forging long-drawn ties with business firms, are hangouts and huddles. With hangouts pulling in your entire team into a video chat whilst laying an opportunity to test your potential customers to service uses, huddles allow you to text your entire group about an important policy or plan, if you are in a tizzy.


One can eventually say that Google+ has a shiny future.. Integrating its various features with different Google apps such as maps and blogspot and ensuring more flexibility in the circles and introducing new avenues for contests and sweepstakes, Google+ can establish itself as a unanimous benchmark in the digital marketing arena.


Written by Sana Baig for Image Management

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