3 key messages a start-up should communicate, to attract investment

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1.       Building your management team’s credibility:

Every start-up is a new entity looking to become a household name, in the market. The foremost need is to build a brand that’s easily recallable, to say the least; and a brand cannot be established unless the people it’s meant for, start talking about it. While, credibility is definitely necessary, it’s not just about the services or products. The brand needs to have a highly visible management team backing – management that establish themselves as opinion leaders. They should be quoted in industry stories and be given opportunities to represent the brand at important investor summits and entrepreneur communes.

2.       Building credibility for your products and services

Your products or services should stand out in a crowd. While making a business plan one always keeps in mind the brand’s USPs (Unique Selling Propositions). It’s these USPs that then need to be communicated and promoted, in order to differentiate one’s self. The question you want people to keep asking is – why should we buy your product or service? The answer, promptly lies in highlighting the product/services’ special features. Your message will help position you for the future. One more way of drawing attention to the product is by way of achieving awards or certifications. They help you define the quality of your service/product.

3.       Highlight the vision of the company

You might be a small company, operating out of a single office – all this while wondering if it’s worth investing so much time and effort on vision for the company? Many start-ups face a dilemma at this juncture because it’s the initial struggle that makes them play safe. They don’t want to make a big fuss about company’s vision at such an early stage, and prefer to wait and watch before they go all out, making large promises to themselves. In such cases where you are unsure about your business model’s future success, you have to remember that these jitters are normal and it’s never too early to highlight your commitment story. How will people know about you if you choose not to speak about yourself? Try to get the company profiled in a few good columns to attract stake holders.


Jay Coen Gilbert, Founder B-labs, talking about small businesses, entreprenuership and use of PR in promoting a startup venture.

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