How to manage your PR when ‘people’ are your product

Organisations belonging to the core service industry such as management and marketing consultancy, training and coaching, CA firms, legal consultants and so on, face a very different situation than product based companies when it comes to marketing themselves. Many feel -services, however necessary they may be, are intangible by nature and can only be judged or measured in terms of expertise and intelligence of the people working to provide those services. Really? Think again. The truth is it’s only your brain that you are selling in services industry and people will only take your services if they trust you.

The following are a few cornerstones when it comes to ‘people marketing’ and how best to use PR to generate influence and trust, in order to benefit your service brand.

1.   Be a part: Begin by making sure that you are an integral part of your industry’s media coverage. Remember to be careful about the publications you choose. Business journals and magazines are more focused and business newspapers give you better reach. Giving out your quotes and comments on industry happenings is always a good start to achieve visibility. For that matter, so is maintaining good relationships with sector specific journalists, even when there’s not much going on.

2.   Become a databank: Don’t wait for an opportunity to come by. Try and pick stories for yourself. Constantly, keep journalists informed about the latest developments and share reports or surveys your company comes out on a periodic basis, regardless.. Establish a knowledge base and utilise the information as required. Sometimes authoring expert articles relevant to your industry is also a great idea.

3.   Communicate in digital space: Today, having a blog and a twitter account is extremely beneficial. Use them to maintain a social presence. Share your views and let people know more about you. You can also broaden your interests on these platforms. But remember a consistent communication is very necessary. Don’t let the feeds go cold. This could be a little time consuming however. Try engaging a PR officer to do this for you rather than trying it yourself.

4.   Industry events: If you want media exposure, and you want it to be natural, then industry events are the best place to be. These events and forums are heavily covered by media and being present at these events is a smart thing to do. Not just for media attention but also for a stronger networking. Industry meets and symposiums will help you broaden your gaze and identify trends which can double as potential business opportunities.

5.   Personal Profiling: Once you have built a strong media visibility and have a good social presence, it’s time to build a personal profile. You should then start being featured in bigger specific stories about yourself and your company. Building a personal profile can often be a little dicey so it’s best not to attempt it oneself. Engage a PR firm, with enough market know-how, to help you get the right coverage. 

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