Is your PR agency using infographic Press Releases?

Linked-in Poll on PR infographic

There were four possible responses to the above question. They ranged from specifics like ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, to slightly more liberal options like ‘Sometimes’ or ‘Donno what it is’.

The idea behind posting this question was to understand the usage pattern of infographic press releases amongst PR professionals, as much has been spoken about these graphical representations in the recent past.

  •          We got close to 20 responses from across the world and lots of comments as well.
  •          Only 13% responded with an affirmative to using infographic press releases.
  •          While everyone knew what infographic press releases were, about 38% (highest number of responses) of them said, they were looking forward to it but were not using such releases as of yet.
  •          The second highest percentage (about 31%) of respondents mentioned that they would use infographic press releases occasionally.
  •          19% responded with a ‘No’. They weren’t even looking forward to using infographic press releases in near future.

Here are some interesting comments from Industry experts:

Alessandra Malvermi, Owner of Italian based Sound Public Relations said –

“Info-graphic releases are useful tools but not suitable to all audiences. The first question you need to ask yourself in PR writing is “who am I writing for?”. The conciseness of the info-graphic would be wasted on an audience that appreciates story ideas and often don’t have the time to hunt for a story within an info-graphic. Tools are not wrong or right in themselves. It depends on context and purpose.”

Bernard Gauthier, Professor of Public Relations at Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning observed –

Infographics are great for public consumption. They’re wonderful on websites, linked to tweets and featured in presentations. The reporters I’ve worked with still prefer a concise release focused on legitimate news that will affect their readers, viewers and listeners.”

What we can assume is that, although considered cool and innovative, the PR industry is yet to see infographic press releases become a norm. Sure, the more creative agencies have taken it up – Mashable uses it as the graphics are getting highly popular on social media content; but the actual benefits, for which more traditional agencies are waiting, are yet to be discovered.


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