What to get your PR pros this gifting season

There are many reasons why the corporate gifting trend is picking up so fast in this country. The rising number of MNCs has led to the adaptation of so many flashy trends that are so prevalent in the west, which were sort of alien to this nation until a few years ago. The only gifting season this nation could think of was the Diwali season. The fact that the Indian corporate biggies still shell out the most during this season only,but the scene has changed drastically since then and people are really getting into the corporate gifting mood and surpassing the conventional ideas of promotional pens and key-chains to get their marketing balls rolling.  

We all loved receiving gifts when we were kids for the sheer joy of people congratulating for the fact that we arrived on earth,but when it comes to corporate gifting there are many underlying reasons  people don’t even pay heed to. In this era of commercialization the sole purpose of these gifts is business. Over the years, gifts have found their way into the marketing scene and are now an effective part of the companies’ marketing strategy. An efficient way of gifting is to create a recall of your products for your clients. One should actually gift something that would represent your business as a whole which can actually be a token of your company’s products or services.

Here are some handy tips that you should keep in mind while selecting a corporate gift:-

  • Timing it right: Besides the usual gifts everyone gives in the gift season, one can actually start off in the beginning of the year to set yourself apart from the rat race seasonal gift givers. This can be done just as a part of the thanksgiving process.


  • Relaxing gestures: cutting across the work stress, one should be giving these gifts to their recipients at a rather relaxed venue such as over a lunch or a coffee.


  • Be cautious with edibles: While selecting food items, make sure they are not stale or expired.


  • Less use of the digital or social media as these are of a less personal nature and lack permanence. More personalized and rather hand written stuff works wonders in this regard.

While receiving a gift, make sure you don’t open it in the giver’s presence as this is considered as a mark of disrespect in the Indian culture.

People face a kind of ethical and financial dilemma while deciding on the gifts to be given to the media persons or the PR pros. Here is a useful guide to all these gifting dilemmas of the tra-digital age.

  • For a PR starter, a heavyweight dictionary does not sound that exciting but it will come really handy for their future.


  • For the tech-savvy pros, e-reader or the Sony digital reader comes in handy.


  • A day-runner organizer will never go a waste.


  • A smart pen is sure to win you big smiles due to its huge efficacy for the media pros and upcoming scope.


  • If your recipient is a girl, a fancy laptop bag will leave a lasting impression.


  • Personalized stationary and handwritten notes are never out of fashion. 


  • Online gifting concepts like Giftrocket are sure to hit the Indian market in the near future and change the gifting scene in due time.


  • Redemption coupons, vouchers and gift checks make for more impersonal gifts and are easier to pass off but still you need to keep the recipient in mind.   

A good gift might not change your image much but a bad one will surely ruin it.

Written by Sana Baig for Image Management.

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