Top 10 creative ad-campaigns of 2011


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Here is a list – the Top 10 examples of creativity that caught our attention.

1.       The Volkswagen ‘Fly for Jetta’ ad: (Ad agency DDB Mudra)

Unlike the more serious campaigns from Volkswagen’s yesteryears, this TVC brings to you a mind-boggling depiction of the idea “Anything for a Jetta”.  The ad showcases a boy who is born with a pair of wings; who has all throughout led a rather super-humanly life. His biggest choice comes when he has to cut off his wings in order to drive his dream car. Not able to resist the temptation of driving the luxurious Volkswagen Jetta, he ultimately decides to get rid of his biggest asset, his ‘wings’. The car manufacturers have amazingly fit in their unique idea of unparalleled luxury through this fictitious, larger than life backdrop.



2.       Airtel “Har ek friend” ad campaign (Ad agency Taproot India) 

The most catchy viral-ad-campaign was created by Airtel. So popular is the jingle, everyone finds themselves humming the tune to “Har ek friend zaroori hota hai”. The makers of the ad might not have particularly kept brand’s USPs in mind while making the song, but nevertheless they were able to gather a more-than-expected fan following for their brand, this financial year. Be it the massive number of downloads, status updates, or Airtel song sharing on social media, the brand was able to strike a chord with the urban youth – a major chunk of their target consumers.



3.       Amul Print ad campaign: (Ad agency Dacunha Communications)

Ever wondered why the chubby angelic moppet, who has been gracing Indian hoardings since 1967, hasn’t grown an inch? Well it’s the innovation in simple-mided consistency that has worked for this famous dairy giant for the better part of the last five decades. Riding high on the hype of current national and international issues and complimenting them with her witty butterly puns, Amul has made itself the longest running print ad-campaign in the world. From the political and sporty, to spicy Bollywood scams, the brand creatively covered it all. The USP of their products in fitted in a subtle sarcastic manner which keeps its consumers hooked and asking for more.



4.       Footloose bags ad-campaign: (Ad agency Ogilvy and Mather India)

Another unconventional example of advertising, not only in the form of content but also in its mode of distribution. The ad showcases a ludicrous concept, of a nerdy old professor imparting out-of-the-box life lessons , pertaining to the youth. A series of such lessons were launched on Facebook to gather a maximum number of eyeballs from it’s target group. The funny professor talks about the varying benefits of carrying a bag for boys and girls and how the accessory can reap the maximum compliments. The idea was to claim some space in the minds of the youth who consider Nike or Adidas to be synonyms for a college bag.



5.       Vodafone 3G Zoozoos: (Ad agency Ogilvy and Mather India) 

The telecom giant created a large hoopla, with smarter and better zoozoosr, when the huge shift from 2G to 3G services occurred, earlier this year. Packed into a series of 30 advertisements, each to be aired across all mediums (electronic , digital, outdoor) extensively during the second season of IPL. The revamped version of these alienic creatures came as treat to its millions of Facebook fans. The idea of ‘Rajnikanthism’ was smartly incorporated within the ad-frames to depict the extravagant speed of  3G services. The effective merchandising of these characters added to the campaigns success.



6.       Saffola ‘Healthy heart campaign’: (Ad agency McCan Erickson India)

How does it feel when somebody asks you to take care of your heart, for better longevity and a healthy lifestyle? Well hitting close to home has been at the very core of Saffola’s advertising strategy in their recent campaign. Not only does the TVC talk about the need of every man to pay head to his heart but also urges them to log onto their website, and calculate the age of their heart – distinct from their chronological age, in order to highlight the need for a change in lifestyle The TVC was preceded with an equally interesting print campaign in TOI, with the first three pages, each unfolding a new surprise for your heart.



7.        Flipkart India ad campaign: (Ad agency Happy Creative Services Pvt. Ltd.)

The online marketing forum has come up with an interesting, never seen before concept of kids walking in adults’ shoes, in an attempt to cut across the fraud online marketing clutter and establish their brand as a reliable platform for online sales. Kids are shown in various set-ups as talking in an office, in a beauty-parlour and as a married couple discussing easy shopping attributes of Flipkart and that’s where the USP comes in, the ‘no kidding’ online shopping concept which leaves people wondering.


8.       Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster ad campaign: (Ad agency Jung Von Matt)

Taking forward the breathtaking experience of its previous Schumacher tunnel TVC, the super service SLS AMG Roadster commercial featuring Roger Federer has a rather simplistic and sophisticated feel to it. The ad successfully conveys the idea of unmatched speed offered by the vehicle which the athlete is unable to get from his tennis shots while practicing, as he drives the tennis ball along. The ad contains just the right ingredients (an ace sportsman, a unique concept and its correlation with the USP) for a brand like Mercedes to create a perfect commercial, to target prospective sports enthusiasts and speed/power enthusiasts.


9.       Policy Bazaar TV campaign: (Ad agency DDB Mudra)

India’s largest online insurance aggregator launched their first TV campaign this year in an attempt to cut through the dilemma of insurance customers and launch their website on a larger scale. Insurance is still a subject of apprehension in the nation and the private companies are at the receiving end of step-motherly treatment by the people. People often invest in the wrong plans and end up feeling cheated by the companies. The ‘owl’ being symbolic for a  fool, is cleverly imbibed in the ad-frames, to depict the frustration of a customer undergoing the process of purchasing insurance. The whole tongue-in-cheek drama unfolded in this ad holds a strong significance to the brand’s USP.



10.   Nestea Remix ad: (Ad agency Leo Burnett India)

A category, which is relatively unique to India, needed innovative advertising to be able to strike a chord amongst the masses. The use of emotions in an animated set-up is something that the ad industry was still unaware of. The story plays on the idea of mother-child bond which begins to fade in an urban set-up, once the kid grows up and jumps out of his mother’s lap. The mother then adapts herself with the remixed foodstuffs to cover that gap. The unique idea has a beautiful correlation with the brand’s USP and is perfectly placed to target it’s urban prospects.


 Written by Sana Baig for Image Management.

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