The Top 10 PR Trends of 2012

  • ‘KISS’ E-mail Enriching the content further

The power of an email

The idea is to keep it short and suited amidst all the promotional clutter lying in your inbox. The very fact that social media and marketing forums require email indispensably, PR professionals need to sort and filter the mail content in order to get them the desired information, floating in real time. Moreover some more innovations are in the pipeline for marketing campaigns which are more suited for this personalized information dissemination.

  • Enriching the content further

Content, the real king!

Content will continue to be the key, because when it comes to communications, it’s the words that matter most. It is an aptly put set of words that can differentiate you from your competitors and take your organisation to the heights it deserves. So placing content strategically across traditional and social media channels, that are not only depictive of the trends but also an interactive display of problem solving techniques, will keep your target audience intrigued and asking for more.

  • Twitter Twitter on the wall, show us the cleanest of them all

Twitter: the image maker!

Twitter seems to have played a central role in swiftly shaping an organisation’s image. Positive or the negative feedback has the potential to either elevate a company’s image or knock it down disastrously. Leaving aside social media, no other media has that potential to make a particular news viral instantly. More PR professionals should focus on this instant crisis management tool and devise new innovative methods to handle image efficiently.

  • Connecting the right way

Build the right community

Networking and making good connections across the industry and with other influential people has always been the mainstay of PR; and given the increasing role of the social media, this is even more important. Picking the right channels for the right community and nurturing a two-way communication by building selective communities for the audiences and engaging them according to their taste and preferences will help garner the opinions floating in the market about your organization.

  • Cross- channel visibility

Channelising the right way

Given the fact that an average person uses more than one media channel to interact in this digital age, it becomes imperative for organizations to not only create impactful content but also place it across various consumer service touch points to ensure consistent brand exposure and better community engagement. Also packaging the information into various forms – like that of a video which has more potential to reach a larger audience.


  • Be your own publisher

Be your own publisher

With the quintessential features of web 2.0, brands will be vying to publish more than ever before. One can now handle crisis situations immediately, whilst tracking and researching content from outside sources to be given to the client for their effective blog postings. Linking them back to their original sources can also fetch you some fresh contacts.


  • Create your own story

Stand out and be creative

Creating a new and exciting story for a particular audience in a particular media, catering to some theme based issues, preferably the one which has the potential to attract advertisers. A unique idea sells more than a repeated one. Original content will get more shares and likes than anything else. Also do not forget to pack your stories into pointers as they catch more attention – like the Top 5 or a best 10, which will keep the audience hooked.

  • Boost your ethical quotient

Keeping pace with ethics

The words ‘responsibility’ and ‘sustainability’ are not new to the PR world but they have never been as important as they are in today’s society, facing social dilemma. Corporate history is replete with examples of organizations riding high on their social horses or promoting values delivered in their own style that are zealously followed by the people which ultimately results in elevating the image of the organization further. Also diverting more resources towards employee recognition will boost productivity at work.

  • Go Mobile

The Mobile World

Given the fact that more people in the world use mobile phones as computers, the small screen is slowly becoming the favourite new destination for the news disseminators. Organizations need to scale their content to fit the cell-phone screens to keep updating people on the go. Those lacking a curation partner or a well defined mobile strategy will definitely be out of the loop.

  • New and improved metrics

Measure the success

There is tremendous scope for more personalized information on the social media metrics. The data will render the decision making, a sound base across all channels to devise their communications accordingly. The measurement of the budget also seems material in this regard to extract necessary moolah out of the C-suite.


Written by Sana Baig for Image Management.

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