How Social Media has Become the Hottest Tool for Fundraising

Raising funds with social media

There’s hardly a person left, who has been bereft of encountering an ‘appeal for fundraising’, on a social media account. There is a reason as to why fundraisers are so attracted to this phenomenon- The basic nature of social media merges well with the objectives of the non-profit sector; which mainly survives on connectivity, relationships, passion and the ultimate desire to bring positive changes across the world. Social tools have made it all the more easy to dole out donations for varied activities. The power of social media to filter and target the right audience at the right time has made it a hotspot for fundraising solicitors.

Entities from all walks of life have found the key to fast and widespread fundraising, in the form of social media. The trend has picked up in the past one year and the significance of social media has grown from just building awareness about social causes, to building a more solid resource base for effective fundraising. Not only  NPOs, but also individual fundraisers have realized the importance of this trend, creating all sorts of web profiles, blogs, tweets and messages, asking people to like them and spread their message – all with great hopes of collecting a handsome sum for their humble cause. There are many examples of effective fundraising in the recent past. The social media fundraising campaign by American Waters, Pennsylvania has helped raise $1,100 for their Help To Others (H2O) program. The company complimented that efficiently by donating $1 to every new fan or follower who joined the company’s Facebook page and Twitter site between September 1st and Thanksgiving.

Here are some of the of tools you can utilise, for some real time fundraising, this year.

  • Causes: It has evolved as the largest platform for activism and cause-related people on the internet. It has helped over 27,000 non-profits raise over $35 million since its inception.
  • Crowdrise: The USP of this is the built-in community feature that insights people to raise money through a points-earning module. Also this crowd-sourcing community claims to do all that in the most fun way.
  • Care2: It seeks to bring together the non-profits and socially responsible businesses to help them build targeted lists of supporters, activists and prospective donors. Over 17,907,104 members have used its social networking strategies like click-to-donate races, online petitions, eco-shopping and e-cards, non-profit polls, green jobs and so on.
  • Besides signing the usual petitions, one can create photos, videos, logos and other support material. These fundraising pages use donation widgets with progress calculators that show the real amount raised.
  • Givezooks: the users can raise funds through email campaigns, social networking websites and widgets, with customized colours, images and logos. Though a bit pricey, various payment forms make this app a feasible option.
  • Razoo: the peculiar team-focused features allow the users to monitor efforts as a group or as an individual. The instant emailed tax receipts help a donor keep track of donations for tax purposes.
  • RT2give: Twitpay’s fundraising solution, good for individuals and organizations for building awareness and quality fundraising.

While these social media tools are making the fundraising process easier, the charities should not completely rely on them for furthering their ROIs. Given the networking nature of the social media, striking a balance between cultivating new relationships or contacts and cashing in on the existing ones, is the key to sustainability of such fundraising efforts.

Written by Sana Baig for Image Management.

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