5 Public Relations Tips for the New FICCI Chief

Mr. Kanoria at a FICCI event with Sam Pitroda and Michael Dell

Transitional challenges exist in any organization and when it happens in a body as huge and powerful as FICCI, it is important to make sure that the changes take place smoothly and seamlessly. This can be effectively achieved by focusing on utilizing effective communication skills and powerful PR management.

a. Utilize Social Media Effectively

Facebook and Twitter has emerged, in recent years, as the most powerful platforms for exercising effective social media strategies. The new FICCI President can use them to share information about the impact the industry body is making on various areas of industry. Twitter can be used for keeping concerned members and industry experts updated on important policy matters and decisions that the organization is contemplating.

b. Cultivate a Strong Image

It is important to project the image of a leader with the ability to affect path-breaking changes in major areas of operations of the organization. This can help influence members to back you when it comes to talking tough or taking path breaking but unpopular decisions that may not find immediate acceptance among the majority of members. Appearing as a panellist as often as possible on debates and media programs can be a great way to achieve the objective of projecting a thought leader. Contributing opinion columns to popular publications within and outside the industry is an established way of stamping expertise on a particular subject.

c. Highlight the Leader’s Profile and Notable Achievements

Highlighting past accomplishments and feats in both academic and professional fields is another way to make people sit up and take note of the leader. It is absolutely imperative to have his best profile put up in all places where they are likely to be viewed by the movers and shakers of industry. Every write-up, introduction and bio that appears in public domain about the leader, must highlight his best achievements and project his finest profile.

d. The Chief must Make his Presence Felt Across Events

There is always a fair smattering of industry opinion makers at major events and conferences. The presence of the leader at such events is important, not only to send the right signals about his intent, energy and enthusiasm but also to let others have a closer understanding of his vision for FICCI in the next few years. He must make it a point to share his opinions and concerns and how he proposes to address the various issues affecting the industry.

e. Take the PR Advisor’s Suggestions Seriously

The FICCI President’s PR advisors can make a huge difference to his image. They can help establish favourable relationships with industry leaders, media and opinion makers. They can provide accurate advice on all aspects of communication and help him interface tough media situations effectively. It is therefore important for the chief to listen to his PR advisors.

The chief of the FICCI is a very important thought leader and opinion maker and is in the news regularly. As the head of one of the premier industry bodies of the second fastest growing economy in the world where many corporate laws are still evolving, he is expected to lead by deliberation and influence decisions at the highest level. Therefore, it is pertinent that he comes across rationally and in all his elements before the discerning groups of industry leaders and the media.

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