5 Creative Photo-ops Which The Media Loved – Some Lessons for PR Pros

A skinned fox represented by a rather risque Megan Fox, showing equal amounts of skin; a clever innuendo by PETA, to draw focus to some of the most grotesque acts of violence. Scores of mingled people lying across a street, bathed in red paint, some holding spears while others don feathered headbands or armbands – an iconic image in Spain, to champion the cause against bull-fighting. An intertwined black and white wristband, Stand Up Speak up was a subtle yet, extremely clever ‘anti-racism in sports’ message. Pictures of footballers proudly wearing the wristband, were some of the most popular screen savers in 2009.

Most recently, the Indian Embassy in Kiev witnessed a nude protest by four women who all went topless, to draw attention to the issue of human trafficking and prostitution. While the act might have seemed more for shock-value, their protest was immediately picked up by both – local and international media. The attention they received from around the world helped spread tremendous awareness about the cause.

While non-profits often struggle to get media attention for their issues, here’s a look at 5 creative photo-ops from around the world, with massive media appeal.

1. In an ingenious anti human-trafficking demonstration in Munich, a woman dexterously fit herself into a see-through suitcase. Amnesty International staged the protest to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations.


2. Really milking the opportunity for all its worth, European dairy-farmers protesting against the fall in milk prices, last year, began to fight of riot police with milk!

3. An ancient civilization brutally ousted from their homes, in the name of progress. Playing upon the storyline and hype, created by the Oscar winning movie Avatar, pro-Palestinian participants demonstrated against the route of the separation fence in the village of Bil’in, and the takeover of Arab homes in East Jerusalem. They lent their support to the cause by dressing as characters from the movie.


4. An environmental organisation committed to keeping atmospheric CO2 levels below 350 parts-per-million, has been creating large scale photo-ops involving hundreds of people in various locations around the world. This particular ‘message’ was on display in Mumbai.


5. A couple of years ago, Greenpeace activists did the unthinkable. Dodging the highest levels of airport security and scaling a rather difficult surface – 5 activists climbed onto the tail of a British Airways Airbus A320 and unfurled a banner that read “Climate Emergency – No Third Runway”.  The dig at Gordon brown’s Heathrow expansion plans was an iconic build-up to a protest that occurred later that week, involving thousand more.


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