Why Being Visible on Pinterest is a Must for Public Relations Agencies


Pinterest = Facebook community + Bookmarking + e-commerce + a visual form of Twitter!

Already, several brands across a variety of industries have begun to realize the brilliant potential in Pinterest – and PR professionals around the world are paying attention. Early statistics charting Pinterest’s meteoric rise show that it is particularly popular with brands from Fashion and Design, Food and Hospitality, Architecture and Interiors, Art and Photography, and Automobiles industries. These industries have successfully leveraged Pinterest because of the visual nature of their products – pins about chocolate cakes, nice buildings, and stunning cars are bound to be visually stimulating and popular. It remains to be seen how other, less-glamorous industries can take advantage of Pinterest’s photo-driven format to build brands and consumer engagement. However, for the PR industry, there is little doubt that Pinterest is a great platform.


It’s been hardly two years for Pinterest and scores of PR agencies have already joined Pinterest and are actively increasing their presence. There are at least two dedicated PR related boards on Pinterest that are giving brands a unique space to feature their PR efforts and increase the social media footprint of their brands. What makes Pinterest a ‘PR ready’ social media platform is the fact that it is an amalgamation of various social media and networking features that add up to a cool consumer driven experience.

The reason that Pinterest is all about visual pleasure also attracts brands on to this platform as the old saying goes – “What looks good, sells good”

Here are 5 reasons why PR agencies should be on Pinterest:

1. It’s all about content: Sooner or later PR agencies have to understand that just creating pitches is not enough to gain attention in an already cluttered market. Content matters! Pinterest is a great place for curating content. Many companies producing social media pitches are not making much use of visual and multimedia content. Pinterest is the place for pinning attractive visual content that draws attention. It is up to your imagination how you leverage that.


2. Easy engagement: Pinterest lets you pin and re-pin information from various sources on your board at ease. It is very intuitive to share and upload your content on Pinterest and one does not have to be a social media geek to make use of its features or to access information. This added with the attractiveness guaranties great engagement. No wonder Pinterest has so quickly become the largest source of referral traffic for many businesses.


Pinterest lets you...

3. Brand focused: Pinterest is ‘brand ready’ and is as much about showcasing as it is about communicating. Certainly the comments will follow but if you look carefully the comment threads are more likely to be focused since everyone is talking about the picture and not just on any random status update. Also Pinterest lets you add a price tag to the product image which takes it closer to e-commerce. Retail brands are already setting up their product catalogues on Pinterest. PR agencies can use Pinterest to launch great personality brand campaigns – as we can tell by the stats, for these reasons Pinterest is great for the hospitality, fashion, automobiles, and photography industries.


4. Cross platform link sharing and SEO: A link on Pinterest can be ‘liked’ on Facebook or shared via Twitter. This is unique as no other social media platform allows you to share your content on another platform that easily. It also lets you embed a picture along with its original link anywhere. This is great link building that any PR pro can use. By using keywords and description for your pinboards you can share your links even better. It is still to be seen how good Pinterest scores on SEO but the early indications are very promising.


5. Demographics: It is a common to see that most people who use Twitter don’t have much to say. A large number of Twitter users are inactive and developing engagement on Twitter is difficult. On Facebook, the communication is mostly very personal and may not interest a whole lot of people. The users on Pinterest are far more ordinary in the sense that they are here just to browse through a lot of interesting pictures and not follow up with friends or chat. This gives brands a unique opportunity to reach out to the regular crowd – away from constricting social circles.


Popular PR related pin-boards on Pinterest:

Written by Koustubh Bhattacharya for Image Management.

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  2. Its an old proverb, ‘visibility sells’ so its sort of seducing someone into taking a pinned interest into your PR capabilities. Pinteresting, isn’t it?

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