5 Ways to Improve Your Interactivity on Pinterest

With Pinterest fast emerging as the new kid on the social media block, the website has experienced a massive spike in interest, buzz, and traffic in recent months. While it remains to be seen if this rapid growth can be sustained, it is important to note that an effective Pinterest strategy can help brands and individuals reach out to large groups of people organically. The following are Image Management’s 5 tips for how to improve your interactivity on Pinterest:

1. Add Contributors : You can add more contributors to your board instead of just you pinning alone. Identify the right people who can share likeminded content on your board. The beauty of it is that you can choose to give access to only a specific board while all the rest of your profile remains private.

2. Mention other users: Quite similar to the original concept of Twitter one can mention other users using a @ symbol as a prefix to tag related users to your content. Just make sure that the ones you tag find your post relevant and not feel that they are being spammed.

3. Be specific: Do not clutter a single pin board with all sorts of content from cars to beauty tips. Categorising your content ensures better followership. Make your information easily accessible so that your followers do not lose interest.

4. Put a price tag: This is a very useful feature on Pinterest for users who have something to sell. A brilliant way you can support your online store or e-commerce venture using Pinterest. How to add a price ticker to your image? While you are adding a pin, simply add a $ or £ symbol and numbers right after in the description and save.

5. Don’t hide: Do not turn off the visibility on search engines. Let the search engines index your pins on Pinterest. If you want to check whether your profile is hidden from search engines just go to settings and look for an option ‘Hide’ and turn it off if it is on. Now it’s a calculated guess that the better you use your keywords in the description, higher the chances of your pins being read by people.


Written by Koustubh Bhattacharya for Image Management

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