Top 5 Recent Pre Launch Publicity Campaigns


The recent revelation that Apple might well be on its way to becoming the first trillion-dollar company, really got us thinking about an article we did recently. It was around the time when Apple had just launched its latest iPad and we spoke about how deceptively simple their media invite had been. To journalists, it served as a clever teaser for the new product while to others, the idea and execution itself, had commanded praise.

With every brand now making a beeline towards the digital marketing space, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for a product to stay relevant and have an impactful presence. So if you’re reading this, we decided to help by listing out a few clever ideas.

Here are our 5 picks for most innovative pre-launch publicity campaign.

1. Fiorelli’s Social Shopping
Who says an ultra-luxury brand can’t do a Facebook campaign? Fiorelli – a famous name in fashion accessories  –  recently launched it’s presence on Facebook. The campaign included a new social shopping experience for fans. Since buying a Fiorelli bag is no light decision, using a customised ‘app’ the brand allowed you to superimpose a photo of your bag of choice onto your profile picture and get your friends’ comments before you decided to buy. In this way they encouraged real interaction around their brand and showed that they were paying close attention to their customer’s actual purchasing journey.

2. 7-Eleven and Zynga
In a joint promotional campaign, 7-Eleven decided that in order to stay current with the ‘cool kids’ it had to bring gaming characters like the ones from Farmville and Mafia Wars, into the real world. They started by introducing Zynga-branded products into their stores. The special products which included slush puppies, ice-cream, and drinks, contained promotional codes that could be redeemed against Zynga’s games on Facebook. Though some thought this was a little over the top by Zynga and essentially saw it as a store takeover, it’s still an extremely clever way to reach out to a target group who’s attention is so hard to grasp.

3. Diesel Launch Facepark

This was a witty way for Diesel – a company who’s clothes pioneer and alternate way of wearing things and ultimately living – to reach out to social media. By not being on it! The innovative campaign saw people from different walks of life, countries, genres and generations come together for one day, at a park. They wore placards that displayed their updated information, physically left messages on each other, played Mafia Wars with an actually Mafia lookalike and ended up ‘liking’ or ‘disliking’ various organised concerts and activities throughout the day. Diesel’s different/fun/subtle way of doing things. Here’s a link to the campaign.

4. Ford Explorer Reveal
With more and more cars getting launched and companies finding it harder to get coverage Ford came up with the unique concept of launching their car via Facebook. There were clues left around various social media profiles and the big reveal was live streamed on Facebook as well as being picked up by pretty much every single blog around.



5. Kony 2012
The premise is simple – raise awareness for a cause. With more than 100 million views in six days, Kony 2012, a 30-minute documentary about violent Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony, has become the most viral video in history (that is according to the popular researcher-blog by Visible Measures). If statistics are to be believed, the ‘laughing baby’ video on YouTube took 461 days longer to reach the 100 million mark. Here’s a link to the video.

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