Indian Destination Music Festivals Using Social Media to Engage a Larger Audience

The crowd at Sulafest 2012

Social media has changed the live concert experience dramatically. Bands are Twittering, using YouTube and Facebook much like stars in reality TV shows to grab the attention of their potential audience. There is hardly any doubt in the minds of present day marketing geniuses that online campaigns offer incredible potential and benefits. Even advertisers have jumped into the arena of online marketing for such concerts to achieve their business objectives and improve their brand exposure.

India has seen some innovative online campaigns in recent times. The superbly innovative use of social media tools by Bacardi NH 7 Weekender and Sula Fest are perfect examples of how online campaigns can be designed to get fans to your concert or fest. NH 7 Weekender used the FB platform to drive fans to Pune for a rocking time at their music fest while other fans could catch the action live from wherever they could, in their car, their living room or in a bar.

In India, the concept is relatively nascent but the speed with which it is catching up, is incredible. The success of the highly creative tie-up of Sula Fest with Bourneville, to promote a variety of contests to build an interactive online marketing initiative, is an outstanding example of social media marketing in India.

Upcoming music events can learn from the experiences of these events and improve upon them to create winning strategies to make their events a spectacular success.

  • The Unbeatable Feeling of Getting Your Audience Involved

Event managers can focus on getting the opinion of their fans right from the conceptualizing and planning stages. This can help them get immediate feedback on the choice of music, the tracks and the artists and schedule the artist bands accordingly. This is a great way of not only attracting the right crowd but also giving them exactly what they want from the concert.

  • Starting a Pre-Launch to Promote the Concert

A pre-launch period can help build a network of targeted audience through which you can connect, communicate and build a level of trust. This is important to understand the needs of the audience well, beforehand and then planning things to meet their demands.

  • Providing Your Audience a Degree of Exclusivity

Organizers must attempt to tell the audience that it is all about them. While it is not possible to treat all the visitors to the social media site as exclusive, it is possible to give special offers like sneak peek to shoots and videos and some exclusive photographs of hottest stars of the concert. It can make them feel like a part of your team and can spread the right levels of energy and enthusiasm among their circle of friends.

  • Using Popular Online Music Sharing Platforms for Promoting the Event

Using top sites to build a playlist and getting recommendations from fans can help you build the perfect list of songs to be played at the concert. They will be exactly what your audience would like to hear and will contribute to making the concert a roaring success.

Using the internet and social media tools to reach out to the target audience and promote your upcoming concert using sophisticated and well executed online campaigns with clear targets, can deliver exceptional results. You must engage highly experienced and trained online media professionals to maximize your reach and showcase your concert to a broader audience.

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