Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit Says Public Relations Professionals Have an Enormous Responsibility

Chief Minister of Delhi, Smt. Sheila Dikshit addresses the audience, as Anubha Bhonsle (CNN IBN Journalist), Sourav Majumdar (Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur), and R Sukumar (Managing Editor, LiveMint) look on.

Speaking at the Annual PR Summit 2012 organized by the PRCAI in conjunction with the Hindustan Times, the Delhi Chief Minister Smt. Sheila Dikshit urged PR professionals and the media to be more responsible.

After broadly outlying her perceptions of the state of the media today, Smt. Dikshit proceeded to detail why she believes greater responsibility is required in terms of what is published as news. She felt that, as consumers today, “we are inundated with repetitive news, which is usually bad news.” She cited the example of her son, Sandeep Dikshit, her son and Lok Sabha MP, who has stopped reading newspapers. She said her family was reading less and less newspapers and that a similar sentiment was shared by families across the country.

She highlighted the enormous responsibility of the media and PR professionals to be responsible in the way they act as communicators. She mentioned how the “media can be very helpful” – citing the important work they do in terms of highlighting issues that might be ignored nationally.

Smt. Dikshit said, “there is a growing need for the media and PR professionals is to be more responsible on what and how they communicate to people at large.”

Citing a rapidly evolving environment where speed is key and the very way we consume information is evolving, Smt. Dikshit also stressed on the importance of reporting facts for media persons and communicators.

As Online Partners of the event, Image Management had the opportunity to interact, first-hand with several industry leaders who participated in the fest – and many of them echoed Smt. Dikshit’s views that integrity and responsibility are key pillars that the industry should rely on.

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