Four Reasons to Boost your Business Using Pinterest

1. Storytelling: Pinterest may offer a strategic advantage for marketing and PR agencies as it is an exceptionally good tool for storytelling. You can add pins from various brand activities and engagements to continually engage users in a neat, visually attractive way. There is not much scope of confusion in the message as it has started happening on Facebook. No wonder Pinterest has a 2 to 3 times better engagement than Twitter.
There are over 100 brands active on Pinterest and this number is growing. Non profit organisations are on Pinterest featuring their social work on Pinterest with stunning pictures. Take a look at the UNICEF, Lions Club, and other non-profits on Pinterest.

2. Women friendly: Pinterest has an inclination towards brands and products that attract more women than men. About 80% of Pinterest users are women. A consumer brand that targets women between the ages of 20 to 40 should definitely get on to Pinterest.
Fashion brands, interior design firms, food, sororities, sisterhoods and a host of lifestyle brands have taken Pinterest by storm and they are all there in an easy to search, visually attractive style. So why can’t we say its women friendly. Check out the following on Pinterest – Pop Sugar, Alpha Chi Omega, Lilly Pulitzer, Bride to be Magazine.

3. Better categorisation: Pinterest lets you follow all the boards put up by a user or just one particular board. It lets you set up different boards for different subjects, topics, and themes. So you can segregate your client’s different fields of activities on separate boards and invite people to follow specific boards that may interest them.
One of the unlikely brands on Pinterest is Wall Street Journal which has 31 pinboards as of now  all neatly categorised as Quotes, WSJ Fashion, WSJ Sports, WSJ Real Estate, WSJ Tech & Gadgets to name a few.

4. Doesn’t matter how big your brand is: Most brands on Pinterest are small, individual driven firms, boutiques and agencies. All you need to do is to be creative and be able to be visually scintillating. Actually all you need is maybe a good camera and some talent for Photoshop. Imagine Pinterest to be your new Vogue magazine only that you don’t need to be a fashion giant to get featured in it. The etiquettes of Pinterest also ensure that no one is able to promote themselves despotically through sweepstakes and giveaways. Only the brands that are serious about giving value to customers and ensure brand loyalty through building a relationship by providing good service can be successful on Pinterest. However that doesn’t mean that big brands are not on Pinterest but the effort should always be to get people to talk about you rather than you speaking for yourself. Check out this Coca Cola enthusiast’s pin board. Big brands like Sony Music has pinboards that feature their artists, music releases, videos, catalogues, events and interviews, and even departed legends whose story continue.

Written by Koustubh Bhattacharya for Image Management

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