6 Social Networks to Watch Out For


This is my life. I never forget a birthday, because I’m always reminded. My evening is always planned because there’s an invite to something, by someone and I know exactly who’s going to be there. I know my ex-girlfriend’s getting married; before she can even muster up the courage to tell me. And, I knew to stay back till after the credits when I watched Avengers, because someone had made it their status.

My life is pretty similar to 1,024 other lives. And we’re all friends on Facebook.

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Here’s a look at 6 upcoming social networks, just ready to re-shape our lives. Networks that believe a stranger is simply a friend you haven’t met yet!

1. Sonar

It’s an easy-to-use mobile application that that uncovers the hidden connections that you share with everyone else around you. How it works, is by pulling public data from Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook – your social connections, network affiliations, shared ‘likes’ and shared interests which are ultimately all factored into a relevant algorithm. So, when you ‘check-in’ somewhere, Sonar immediately provides you with potential social connections, and does so in a not-so-creepy way; enabling you to actually get a conversation started. For example, “Aisha Singh has 25 mutual Facebook friends with you. She’s currently looking to commission a freelance auto-journalist to do a write up on a vintage-garage workshop, for GQ”.  Future builds for Sonar will include the ability to filter search results by room or type of person. For example, “Show me all the Editors in the room.” For PR professionals, eager clients or journalists looking to get in-touch with the right people, Sonar is a long overdue app that presents potentially powerful connections at your fingertips.

One tiny drawback though – you need to have an active Foursquare account to use Sonar.

2. Fancy

But, it’s really not – it’s simply Pinterest with one extra feature. Fancy encourages users to “fancy” products that then file into a digital wish list of sorts. The only difference between Fancy and Pinterest is that you can actually buy the products on Fancy.



3. Forecast

A must-use platform for any public relations agency that plans events for clients on a weekly basis. Forecast simply asks what you plan to do in the future. You can start of with something really small like forecasting your yoga class for the next day, and by doing so, other friends who get instantly-notified are encouraged to join in on the fun. Forecast can be vital when it comes to hyping up an event, getting last minute attendees or simply getting the word out there.


4. Screenr

Having an e-manual that explains your product, is the latest fad. That being said – a free screencast recording tool that allows you to record screencasts and publish them to a unique web page on a pre-hosted site, is a God-send! And that’s exactly what Screenr is. Website owners can take advantage of this new free tool for creating things like product demos, explaining features of their website, comparing other websites to their own, etc. What’s really nice about Screenr is that it’s completely web-based, so there’s nothing to install. It runs on both Macs and PCs and according to testimonials, the video/audio quality is quite good.

5. Skitch

When you’re an always-on-the-move PR agent, there are moments in the day when you simply wish you could take out a big red marker and either circle something important that you just read, or scribble down some ideas right next to an article that’s of interest – too bad its all on a computer screen and all you can really do, is make a mental note. That’s where Skitch comes in. It’s a handy utility that takes a simple screen-grab and allows you to make an entire presentation out of it! It combines photoshop-like editing features, slick interfaces for easy sharing and supports multiple image formats (for when you’re ready to export the final image). Acquired by Evernote in August, last year – the platform offers services for the MAC OS X only and cellphone apps for both the iOS and Android markets.

6. Argyle Social

The problem with Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and other social media tools is that they break your accounts down into a hundred columns across and you end up going squint trying to read everything. But that’s where Argyle Social steps in and makes social media management a snap. You can schedule and draft posts, and if you’re publishing a link, you can write multiple versions of the message with that link. Argyle also has a social inbox, capturing all your updates from multiple accounts on Facebook and Twitter. You can then filter individual accounts, and flag messages that are really important – you stay focused on urgent messages and simply reply to the ones you need to without having to pick and choose as they scroll across your screen on Tweetdeck. Argyle Social also offers some fantastic tracking abilities (sort of like Google Analytics). As a PR professional looking after a client, you can pin-point exactly where their social traffic and sales are coming from, and draw out a plan. You can even set up trackers for them, so they know exactly what money they’re making from campaigns and individual tweets.

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