5 Things You Didn’t Know About LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a super network; it’s got a new user every second and is used in over 200 countries. It’s a brilliant way of networking, hiring or finding a better job. LinkedIn profiles can be powerful tools but you need to use them effectively.

While most PR professionals might spend a lot of time on LinkedIn, there is still a lot of information about the social media giant that they might not know.

Everyone needs the LinkedIn card

1.      LinkedIn Today

This is basically a daily digest of news and links people are sharing on LinkedIn. So, if you have a company profile, your activities of the day will show up on this. The tool can be completely customized to keep the topics you are interested in most at the top of the page. The button is from the “News” tab at the top of your LinkedIn home page.

 2.      If you invite the wrong people, your account can get  Frozen

If you send out a lot of requests to people and a large number chooses the option of “I don’t know this person”, LinkedIn will freeze your account. This lasts for a while till an actual person can spot what’s wrong and warn you. Keep it up, and you can actually get banned from the site. And: your invites are limited. 3000 invites, and no more for your entire span on LinkedIn. If you run out, too bad! So use them cautiously.

 3.      Products/Services Tab

Marketers can use the ‘Products & Services’ tab to promote your products (as the name obviously suggests). A cool feature on this is facilitating audience targeting. You can create up to 30 different landing pages for specific audiences. This can be used in a manner that different audiences use the page, only the features applicable to those users will show up.

 4.      ‘Product and Service Spotlight’

This allows you to put up three scrolling, clickable banner images near the top of your products tab. If you’re using targeted product tab landing pages, different spotlight images can be put up for the variations. This is also where you should feature (and attract attention) by putting up marketing offers, e-books, free trials, etc.

 5.      5 is the limit for times you can change your group identity  

If you are a start-up or generally evolving your business, it’s likely that you may want to change your identity on LinkedIn as you go along. But group identity can be changed no more than five times, so be clear in your head about your direction before you edit this on LinkedIn.

Written by Ipsita Gauba for Image Management

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