Satyamev Jayate Is Viral, But Has Low Print Media Coverage Cut Short Its Mass Reach?

For a show that thrives on mass appeal, the talk show sure picked the most niche ways to hype it up. According to reports – after months of online teasers and a massive publicity campaign on TV – Satyamev Jayate created a massive impact on social media, but it seemed that the show’s coverage in print media was below expectations.

Though the programme had managed to steadily sustain the hype and was simultaneously dubbed in different languages while being aired, there was a massive omission – of not covering it in print media.

The thought of translating the advertisements into multiple languages for a fragmented targeted audience, hadn’t even crossed anyone’s mind. Perhaps the excessive focus on online sites and TV ads distracted the team in charge from one of the biggest sources of communicating with the people- the newspapers.

TAM Media Research has revealed “the absolute number of viewers (was viewed by around 90 million people making it the highest rated show with 4.1 television rating) exceeding those of the first episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC), the 2011 quiz show hosted by Amitabh Bachchan.

News of comparison between the two TV shows has cited both ratings and viewership. According to Aamir:  “For me, I don’t relate to ratings. What matters to me are the on-ground changes, the various governments that have reacted, the doctors in Rajasthan who have banded together to explain to their errant colleagues to change. This is what I set out to do and that it can happen on this scale is what thrills me.”

Aamir Khan made the right noises in this regard, but it still begs to question why the show did not make a substantial splash in print media.

Continuing our research, we made a few more observations.

• Newspaper coverage after the first airing of Satyamev Jayate paled in comparison to how it went viral across the blogosphere.

• According to a study conducted by Impact Research and Measurement Pvt. Ltd.

the top 5 English General and top 5 Vernacular papers (by circulation) across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata, were studied:

– In the English General Category, it was only in Chennai where all top English General Papers covered the programme.

– In the Vernacular category, it was Delhi where the programme was covered in all of the top 5 vernacular papers.

What’s interesting about this is that while the programme was dubbed and simultaneously aired in several other Indian languages including Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu; it seems the efforts did not help the programme get any coverage in four out of the five vernacular papers.

2 thoughts on “Satyamev Jayate Is Viral, But Has Low Print Media Coverage Cut Short Its Mass Reach?

  1. I think there is something deeper here.

    Journos are insecure from Amir and the show. Many have been asked to explain why have they been silent on these issues? For instance, look at Barkha Dutt’s twitter stream. They see him as a threat – that’s why no coverage.

    -Vikrama Dhiman
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