Announcing Asia’s Biggest PR Festival – PRestival 2012

With great pride and excitement, Image Management can announce the launch of the PRestival ( – Asia’s largest PR Fest. The event will take place in Jaipur on October 26-27 2012 and we hope to draw together PR and Communications professionals from across 12 countries in South and South East Asia, including India, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

As Image Management continues to grow as an important hub of ideas, knowledge, and trends relating to the PR industry, we realize that communications professionals need to increasingly collaborate in creative and productive ways.

In our conversations with the industry’s top thought leaders, many of whom we have had the pleasure of interviewing, something that has consistently come up is how the industry lacks platforms to facilitate this kind of knowledge sharing and collective growth.

But why another PR event, you ask?

Well, this one will draw together the best and brightest minds from across Asia to serve on its award Jury and Board of Advisors. It will balance knowledge sharing with networking, creative exercises with a focus on collaboration. It will feature thought leaders debating cutting edge trends and topics that are massively relevant to our industry. Most of all, this one will be fun.

The fest will serve as an ideal weekend getaway that balances learning and fun, in the picturesque city of Jaipur. The event schedule will include industry awards that recognize the best work from the past year, live case studies, collaborative exercises, panel discussions and talks by industry leaders, two dinner parties, as well as several recreational activities.

Wondering What to Expect? Hear Our Industry’s Thought Leaders on The PRestival 2012:

Dilip Cherian, Consulting Partner Perfect Relations



Prema Sagar, Principal and Founder, Genesis Burson-Marstellar



Sharif Rangnekar, President of PRCAI and Director & CEO of Integral PR



Poonam Kaul, Director – Communications at Nokia



Prathap Suthan, Managing Partner/Chief Creative Officer at BangInTheMiddle



Aman Abbas, Associate Director – Marketing & Communications at KPMG



Click to hear more thought leaders on what to expect at the PRestival 2012


To maintain a dynamic environment of collaboration and learning, we plan to limit the attendance to the first 200 participants, of which less than 150 places are currently open.

We will launch our official full-version event microsite towards the end of this month; in the meantime, please visit and submit your email to register your place and indicate your interest.

We look forward to seeing you there.


For more details, please contact:

Kunal Pal

Project Manager, PRestival


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