Three Simple Ways PR Successfully Took Down Team Anna

Team Anna's PR star has faded

Until December 2011, Anna Hazare was a PR superstar.

Brand Anna was analysed for its brand insights Through the prism of PR, one could spot the ‘360 degree branding’, ‘social media buzz’, ‘brand evangelists’ and ‘BTL activation’ his campaign against corruption had rapidly created.

But what is really worth observing is the PR machinery to attack Team Anna


As early as April last year, there were repeated accusations of corruption against Team Anna. Prashant Bhushan moved a Supreme Court criminal contempt petition against an alleged conversation between him and Mulayam Singh Yadav, expelled SP leader Amar Singh, which which showed them attempting to influence a judge.

On national TV, Manish Tewari even called Anna Hazare corrupt from “head to toe”, citing the Sawant commission, promptly apologizing and recusing himself from the Parliamentary Standing Committee.

Using the Competitors Brand Strategy
In an attempt to beat Team Anna at his own game, the central government launched an “awareness campaign,” as part of the comprehensive campaign to address the various aspects of corruption, including debates, discussions and seminars.

Manufacturing Opinion

The news channels which had shown masses thronging to Anna Hazare’s ‘anshan’ consistently hinted at a waning interest in Team Anna’s protests.  From loaded questions by talk show hosts, to mere cursory mentions in news bulletins, TV news media effectively sidelined Team Anna.

In fact, in apology to slogans against the media by supporters, Arvind Kejriwal stated the media house owners need to choose whether they supported the government or national service.

(At the time of writing this article, Team Anna has announced the end of protests and plans for a political party.)

2 thoughts on “Three Simple Ways PR Successfully Took Down Team Anna

  1. This is incorrect….there is no PR strategy in building up of movement or declining of the same its just a matter of time…..HYPE was only for media and by the media….people are still against corruption and stand firmly with the IAC campaign.

  2. Also the frequent fasts and shifting of the goalposts led to the loss of its appeal. Team Anna should have realised after the Bombay fiasco that their strategy is not working. Media also realised that they were taken for a jolly ride by Team Anna and the stopping of the live telecast added to the crowd fatigue. 

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