The Future of PR: Harish Bijoor, Brand Expert at PRestival 2012

Harish Bijoor, Keynote Speaker at PRestival 2012

By raising the metaphor of wearing a tie, Harish Bijoor, brand-strategy specialist and CEO of Harish Bijoor Consults in context of a keynote address titled ‘Future of PR’ at the PRestival, in Jaipur on the 16th of November 2012, left many in the audience intrigued. In a few minutes, however, it was understood that more than the tie, the mindset of challenging and questioning the ways of a ‘me too’ generation was essential to re-invention.

The two day PR festival – PRestival – organized at the Devi Ratn Resort included CEOs, Agency Heads, Marketing/Communications Heads, Bureaucrats and students as delegates and participants. Over 200 corporate communication experts, journalists, and students from across Asia attended insightful keynote addresses and discussions on Brand Building, Public Relations, and Social Media in the Communications industry, along with fun, interactive activities at the event.

Elaborating on the current status of brand campaigns Bijoor spoke on the need for a fresh take on strategizing brand communication. He said, “The consumer is yawning at PR that is old.”

Hence, back-tracking the need for Re-invention for the future of public relations, the pre-requisites of the industry were emphasized – having to build trust and credibility amongst the masses, not to mention retaining its core function of disseminating information to the news media.

Stating a fact that public relations has, over the years, begun to only target messages towards a niche segment they identify as “thought leaders” or “influencers” for that space, Harish brought to light the misnomer the industry name has become.
Approximately 625 is the number of people in the country that has been identified as potentially influential for the rest of the population of India. The monetary value of the brand, and the determination of it, needs to mostly be targeted in a way so as to make its progress directly proportional to its outreach towards the consumers. Delivering a presentation on the effectiveness of corporate CSR campaigns, he also advised companies to add value to CSR by monetising campaigns.

While the need is for a mass reach, the importance of personalization and customization of consumer needs, in tandem with the company’s brand proposition also has to remain intact. PRestival 2012 explores the opportunities of brand building through the sessions that follow through the two days.

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