Branding Communication, 2012 and Beyond: PRestival 2012

From L to R : Nikhil Dey, Gautam Paul, Tanmoy Mukherjee during the session "Building Brand Experience Through PR"

A discussion on Brand Communication Through PR was moderated by Nikhil Dey, (Genesis-Burson Marsteller), with Tanmoy Mukherjee, (Lavazza), Gautam Paul (PR Newswire) as panelists, on Day 1, PRestival 2012. PRestival, a two-day Public Relations festival was organized at the Devi Ratn Resort, Jaipur.

Over 200 corporate communication experts, journalists, and students from across Asia attended insightful keynote addresses and discussions on Brand Building, Public Relations, and Social Media in the Communications industry, along with fun, interactive activities at the event.

Speaking on the role of Public Relations in the business of reputation management, R. D’Souza stated: “PRs are reputation stewards. We don’t procure, cook or conceptualize the product. We serve in a way that people come back.”

Gautam Paul explained the need for genuine brand activation, stating that “You can buy as much editorial as you want, but paid media is a waste of money.”

Nikhil Dey echoed a sentiment common to all PRestival discussion, the need for the PR industry to adapt and evolve, and referenced a real-life “social media room” at a press conference as an example of finding new ways of communicating content.

The need for successfully imparting brand communication, and identifying mediums best-suited to pushing content were discussed.

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