Building a CSR campaign : PRestival 2012


Sameer Pathak speaks at PRestival on Corporate Social Responsibility

Coca Cola’s Support my School as an important example of Corporate Social Responsibility, and sustainability, in contemporary India, was presented by Sameer Pathak on Day 1, PRestival 2012.

PRestival, a two-day Public Relations festival was organized at the Devi Ratn Resort, Jaipur.
The Support My School campaign tackles the issues of education, sanitation and water crisis in rural India, and Sameer explained  the reason for Support my School’s success by seeking the example in Apple’s edge over Samsung because of the formers’ “eco system of apps” and their ability to adapt to its respective client, as an important reference for an eco-system of support and outreach for the program.

For a successful campaign, he emphasised the need for partners to be able to associate themselves personally with the campaign, which in this case is not just about education and sanitation but also gender sensitivity. This results in wider and more influential outreach effortlessly.

In order to widen the spectrum of campaign, Pathak advices to “derive the best practice from any model like Coke Studio was borrowed from Brazil. I’m proud to say this is the best practice we are trying to export.” He believes it is the responsibility of the brand to leverage the media and optimize the celeb of the associated personality to support the cause.

Written by Chaahat Madaan for Image Management

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