Student Experience @ PRestival 2012

Students at PRestival

The line between ‘student’ and ‘professional’ is a simple one in the PR space – either you’re reading about the industry, or you’re working in it. PRestival 2012 was therefore an important initiative in making the student voice part of the conversations on PRestival about the industry, its issues and its future.

Students from Communications and Public Relations schools across Asia were amongst one of the delegations attending PRestival, a two-day Public Relations festival was organized at the Devi Ratn Resort, Jaipur.

For Vipin Chandra, PR student and aspirant, PRestival 2012 was an eye-opener about working in the industry.  He said, “As a student and an outsider to the industry, it made me realize that working in this industry will be tough, but also fun. I enjoyed the Talent Management session, and learned that you have to really give your time to the industry to become successful.”

Davis Kingjam, who also saw the event as a learning experience stated, “It’s been a great experience attending PRestival. While I knew that working in this industry would be challenging unless I give my best, this event gave me a push. After attending PRestival, I can now interact with all industry experts, which will help me to become a better PR professional.”
For many students, the concept of a festival for an industry that does not get much visibility was surprising.

Priyanka Kumar, Communications student stated: “The fest was grand and I was amazed to see the response from people. I expected it to be a normal fest but I must say that it was one of the best events that I’ve attended. The speakers, venue, food, after party, lunch, organizing committee, sessions etc. everything was perfect. “

Written By Kunal Anand for Image Management 

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