Five Useful Online Apps Every PR Professional Should Use for Documentation

It’s the small things that save time in a rushed PR day.

If you’ve worked in PR for even a day, you’ll know it’s a lot of writing, with emails, forms, heavy files and photos flying across devices, clients and companies.

With the already overwhelming workday of the average PR pro, shaving off precious minutes on small writing and document related tasks can let you go home on time – without losing your head.

Send single files, as big as 300 MB. With a privacy package trusted by MNC clients over the world, SendSpace is one of the best heavy file-sending (free!) solutions available.

2. OCR (
Optical character recognition) Apps –
Don’t have time to manually write down names and phone numbers from the scores of business cards you collect every week? Rushed for time?
Take a photo of a business card, or even a press release, and put it through an OCR app to quickly get a translated version that you can edit. OCR is an application that scans images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text and digitize them so that they can be electronically searched, stored more compactly, displayed on-line, and used in machine processes.

Android Scan Thing

Android phone owners can check out Scan Thing ,the best app on the Store. It’s paid (Rs. 277), but worth it.

For visiting cards, there’s also Google’s very own Google Goggles, with which you can add over 60 contacts to your phone – in less than 10 minutes.

For iPhone owners, there’s the free Image-to-Text OCR

If someone sends you a photo with text on it, run it through Online OCR

3. Print what you like
Rushing for a meeting with notes off the net, but don’t want it to look more research-like?  Zap the ads on your printout with

4. Google Docs
Google Docs, or as it is now called, Google Drive is the one online app everyone in PR should have.  It’s loaded with benefits.

 L: Google Drive                                                                                                               R:  Press Release Template
  • Create a backup of all your documents –which can be accessed, and edited online, even on a smartphone. Google Drive can also store your audio files.
  • A bank of ready-made document templates by professional users across the world, including press releases, invoices, and other documents you use on a regular basis
  • Create, and track forms and surveys
  • The ability to add useful third-party apps and work on them, which the Drive will automatically backup. This includes the Conceptboard app which allows you to embed pdfs, images, and documents on one flow chart on the web to map out a massive project in its entirety.

5. Imgur
Imgur is the fastest and easiest way to host images and image galleries online.
Drag drop and click upload, it’s that fast.

Written By Kunal Anand for Image Management


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