What’s PRewing in 2013 – PR Trends in Global Markets

After exploring 2013 trends for the Indian market, Image Management takes a quick look at PR trends across the world.

1.      USA

a.  The Rise of Creative Social Media – Social media isn’t just about LinkedIn and Facebook any more – but through creative adaptations, it can be effective in leveraging and breaking through the clutter.  Of course, as social media use rises, it is no longer a choice for American brands, but rather a necessity to embrace and get creative.

b.  Relationship marketing is key – Building and maintaining relationships online and through social media will be foundational to corporate and individual marketing but face-to-face content delivery through events, speaking and networking will be the added value.
Additionally, content sharing and distribution through a variety of channels – include paid – will become critical for PR as companies seek to integrate earned and paid marketing efforts.

c.  RIP Press Release? – The days of the Press Release—that old workhorse—are numbered and that it will largely disappear in 2013 to be replaced by social media in all sectors except Investor Relations. Clients will also question the traditional methods of PR measurement and demand tangible results.

d.  The Rise of Visual Social Media – According to All Things D, smart phone users have spent more time on Instagram than on Twitter for the first time since the photo-sharing app launched in 2010. Pictures and info graphics will be crucial.

2.      Australia

a.  Storytelling is more important than ever – If you or your brands don’t have a genuine story to tell, save your breath (and money). Be warned, the term, ‘branded content’, does not turn a ‘sow’s ear into a silk purse.’

b.  Valuing relationships – Now more than ever we’ll start to see the importance of organizations becoming more “human” through social interactions. This will give companies a face beside the logo(s) and the trust between companies and consumers will grow.

3.      Europe

a.  CSR PR – The increasing attention to “green” issues will make corporate social responsibility (CSR) more pivotal for companies in 2013. People are interested in how businesses implement their CSR programs.

Consumers expect companies, institutions and products which have moral integrity that allow identification.

b.  Media Houses and PR – As their own resources become ever tighter, media houses will depend more and more on agencies and collaborations between the two will multiply. This is of course an opportunity for the PR industry, but especially for those agencies who have earned a reputation among editors and journalists for quality, insightful and trustworthy content.


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