Five Must-Have iPad Apps for PR Pros

As media platforms and technologies evolve, it is imperative that public relations professionals are able to capitalize on them to suit their professional needs. Tablets such as the iPad offer PR-pros a significant level of portability and functionality – making them more adaptive, mobile, and agile against the backdrop of a quickly-evolving professional landscape. Below are Image Management’s picks for the 5 iPad applications that PR professionals must have!


Flipboard (Price: Free)

Instead of scanning individual news websites to find vital information related to your client or industry, Flipboard allows you to curate your own digital magazine that is constantly updated. It arranges your favorite news sources in an easy-to-navigate format and offers you a considerable amount of flexibility as well. With Flipboard you can switch between different news sources seamlessly with a simple swipe; additionally, with Facebook and Twitter integration, you can directly share important news pieces and also comment on stories. Finally, Flipboard’s interface is really smooth – almost as satisfying as really turning a page of paper.

Good Reader (Price: $4.99)

This app is a handy tool that lets you open a wide variety of document file types efficiently on the iPad – from PDFs to files from the Microsoft Office Suite. Additionally, Good Reader also gives you the option to customize and mark documents in a wide variety of ways – by placing virtual sticky notes, underlining portions, highlighting sections, or simply hand writing notes on the documents with your stylus. If, at the end of most meetings, the document in front of you is covered in almost indecipherable notes, the Good Reader is the perfect app for you!

Desktop Connect (Price: $14.99)

Desktop Connect allows your iPad to connect to, and control, your desktop remotely. This app has two distinct and equally useful functions for PR professionals. The first is that, by letting you access your desktop, it ensures that you never leave important files behind. You can access a wide range of documents and files – much more than the iPad’s internal memory would allow – and this can be very useful in client meetings and presentations. The second important fuction is that you can use your desktop to avail of a higher level of functionality than your iPad currently offers. This means that you can easily open a wider variety of video files, applications, and software that you may not be able to open on your iPad.

(Price: Free)

As PR professionals, there are several instances during the hectic day that require notes to be taken. While scribbling in a diary or, worse, in a successive series of scrap paper might cause you to lose your notes, having Evernote on your iPad can allow you to collect, save, and categorize your notes in a fun and efficient way. Additionally with the option of taking photographic notes, you can effectively store story ideas, pitches, and research effectively.

Dropbox (Price: Free!)

Dropbox is a real-time, shared database that can be vital for storing and sharing critical documents and files between co-workers and clients. Essentially, Dropbox’s simple interface allows you to drag and drop important files into a folder that can then be accessible  by everyone involved – clients, team-members, and yourself. The iPad application – Dropbox, will allow you to access and modify this folder on the go; if you have ever left for a meeting in a hurry and forgotten a critical document, you know how useful Dropbox could be!
Written by Kunal Pal for Image Management


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