First Singapore Media Festival to highlight Southeast Asia’s growing media industry

singapore media festivalSingapore Media Festival brings together four complementary film and TV events comprising markets, conferences, awards and festival screenings.

SMF shines spotlight on Southeast Asia’s growing media industry

Ahead of the inaugural event, the Media Development Authority ofSingapore (MDA), event partners and chairman of the SMF Advisory Board, shared their vision and goals for the festival taking place from 4 to 14 December 2014.

The combined strengths of the four marquee events under the umbrella of SMF is set to attract the best and brightest film and TV talent fromSoutheast Asia and beyond to forge partnerships, exchange ideas, trade content and celebrate creativity and talent. More than 5,000 industry professionals including filmmakers, producers and celebrities from over 60 countries are expected to attend the Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF), ScreenSingapore and the Asia TV Awards, while an audience of more than 10,000 are expected to participate in theSingapore International Film Festival (SGIFF).

“The Southeast Asian media industry has experienced rapid growth and development over the past few years[1], becoming a source and strong contender of creative and innovative content. Many media industry professionals now recognise the huge potential of Southeast Asia[2], and are looking to tap into this burgeoning market,” said MrRobert Gilby, chairman of the SMF advisory board and Managing Director of The Walt Disney Company (SEA).

“SMF aims to ride on this potential to strengthen Singapore’s position as the gateway to the region, and fill the need for a regional media event that will bring togetherSingapore and Southeast Asian content and talent to be enjoyed by viewers from all over the world,” he added.

As a prominent platform to showcase Southeast Asian films, SGIFF has launched the careers of many reputable Southeast Asian filmmakers such asSingapore’s Eric Khoo, Kelvin Tong and Indonesia’s Riri Riza. ATF and ScreenSingapore also have a strong draw in the region, with 52% of buyers coming fromSoutheast Asia, while The Asian Television Awards receives more than 1,300 submissions fromAsia, of which Southeast Asian entries make up 64%.

SMF to facilitate international interest in Asia as a valued partner in content creation

Singapore is home to over 6,000 media businesses, including international film production and service companies such as Double Negative Visual Effects and Lucasfilm which have set up studios locally. Leading media brands such as HBO Asia have also worked withSingapore partners to co-produce TV series Serangoon Road and Grace, while Hollywood blockbusters, Agent 47 and Equals, were shot and produced in part inSingapore this year, in collaboration with companies and talent based here.

“International players are increasingly looking to Asia for innovative stories and original content, and SMF aims to create more opportunities for international and Asian media players to meet and explore opportunities for collaboration.Singapore is a focal point for business and talent in Southeast Asia. This makes it a great home for both international and home-grown media companies. SMF leverages on the city’s connectivity and thriving media sector to serve as a platform for media professionals fromAsia and beyond to meet and build meaningful partnerships,” said MsAngeline Poh, Assistant Chief Executive (Industry) of the Media Development Authority.

SMF to harness cross-over synergies between TV and Film

The growing synergies between TV and Film, as evident by the frequent cross-over of talent and content between the silver screen and small screen, serves as another compelling reason for the need of an event like SMF.

Last year, when ATF and ScreenSingapore were co-located for the second year running, it out-performed the previous two editions of ScreenSingapore with more than 4,300 film and TV trade participants from 60 countries, and achieved business deals worthUS$220.33 million. This was a 10% increase in attendance from 2012 with a corresponding increase of 8.2% in content sales. The growth also further bolsters the event’s role as one ofAsia’s key platforms for international and regional media companies to come together to network and trade.

With the media industry operating in an increasingly converged environment, SMF provides a seamless platform that allows more opportunities for cross-over collaborations by bringing together players from the film and TV industries.

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