Ensight: An Amazing New Tool for Event Analytics

Engight logo Seoul-based startup Mashups Co.,Ltd. launched Ensight an analytics solution that enables event organizers and sponsors to measure the on-ground activity of attendees.

Ensight is a tool that integrates Bluetooth Low Energy to digitally quantify engagement without changing the habits of visitors. Attendees don’t have to install any type of app. No need to scan a QR code. No checking in of any kind. Visitors simply walk around and go about their business. Ensight’s indoor location system does the rest.

Mashups founded by Sean Lee is aimed at addressing a problem with Below The Line Advertising, specifically trade shows. Prior to launching Mashups, Sean worked for Samsung at South Korea’s largest advertising agency, Cheil Worldwide. “Clients would spend millions of dollars to sponsor a major industry event,” said Sean, “but it was impossible to accurately measure the effectiveness of the offline event. All we could do was show the client some photos and send them the list of people who manually signed up at the booth. That’s when the idea hit me. What if we could measure the traffic of these offline events just like a website?”

Ensight’s offline analytics solution is comprised of 3 parts:

1.    A Bluetooth Low Energy module linked to the visitor’s badge at business conferences.

2.    A cloud based analytics platform.

3.    A mobile app. (optional)

The cloud based analytics platform will display unique visits, return visits, and visit duration. And for visitors who choose to install the app, sponsors will be able to receive and send contact info and digital brochures in real time.

EnsightEnsight will provide sponsors with an easy to use dashboard that will display accurate measurements. Data that is collected is organized and can be downloaded to be included into corporate reports. Companies can use the data to communicate with potential customers long after the event has ended. Visitors can view marketing material right on the phone. No need to go through piles of paper decks or stacks of business cards.

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