R3 showcases forty of the world’s best Social Media agencies

social40In a first, global consulting firm, R3 has published “Social 40”, a detailed report on the state of Social Media globally, along with profiles of the 40 most creative and impactful agencies. From global firms such as MRY and We Are Social, to small ones in Africa and South America , the study is a unique collection of effective, electic and inspirational agencies.

– ‘Social 40’ is a New Initiative From the Global Consulting Firm, R3, to Showcase 40 of the World’s Best Social Media Agencies

– Gozoop & 22 feet tribal worldwide are only two Indian social companies featured from India


Gozoop is a global digital services & product company. Headquartered in India with a team of 125, they focus on leveraging web, mobile, and social experiences that enable the world’s best brands to thrive and win in a connected world. With two acquisitions under its belt, the agency has a presence across India, UAE, and Singapore. Clients they work with include Dell, Lipton Ice Tea, Tim Horton’s, and Cold Stone Cream.


Headquartered in India, 22feet Tribal Worldwide is an independent digital solutions provider offering web and mobile-centered services. Through a comprehensive understanding of user behavior, the agency provides brand strategy and creative strategy for the digital marketing space. Comprised of 135 team members, they have done work for brands such as Titan Company Limited, United Breweries, and Nike India.

R3 is a top-notch consultancy, specializing in agency management consulting, with on-the-ground representation in Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America. ‘Social 40’ is a result of a systematic, quantitative and qualitative internal process, coined by R3, which involves desk research, marketer studies and analysis as well as making the most of their experience with clients such as Unilever, Coca-Cola, VW, McDonald’s, Samsung, Adidas, Walmart, Microsoft and Kimberly Clark among others. Through this study, R3 evaluated over 100 social agencies against four basic criteria: Top clients, dependency, strategy and creativity, and global standing. Only two agencies from India made it to this list of top 40.

“The future of marketing will be technology combined with story telling and we are happy that this has been recognized by R3. We are privileged to be a part of this exclusive club of the best social agencies in the world,” said Ahmed Naqvi, CEO and Co-founder, Gozoop.

r3About R3 Social 40

“No marketer can afford to second guess or second rate their social efforts” said Greg Paull, Co-Founder and Principal of R3. “It’s clear from the case studies that the best brands working with the best creative talent are achieving superior results” he added.

Proven on top clients –agencies that worked with some of the world’s best marketers, supporting them as they grew, were weighted higher

Proven on their own – while the report does have a number of social agencies owned by holding companies, in the end R3 weighed heavily to those independent agencies than had totally found their own way – without the shared clients of other sister agencies

Proven on Strategy and Creative – Social Execution agencies were de-prioritized to instead look at those truly leading in thinking and ideas.

Proven Around the World – although the 40 largest social agencies might all be in the US, Europe and China, R3 wanted a broader geographic spread, to identify local heroes in new markets where brands may be looking and moving.

Youth Matters

Where traditional agencies have a proven heritage in offline campaigns, the Social 40 have youth on their side. “The average agency on our list is just five years old – and the average agency leader is just 29” said Mr Paull. “This new breed of Digital and Social First creative talents are going to forge new paths of consumer engagement” he added.


Best Practice

In addition to case studies from every agency, the report also looks at the social approach of Coca-Cola, Mondelez, Samsung and McDonald’s – four true social pioneers that have built a strong social culture within their business. “All four of these firms have been at the bleeding edge of social – whether its through Mondelez’ real time tweets, Samsung’s “selfie’s”, Coca-Cola’s promotional work or McDonald’s investment in mobile” said Mr Paull.

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