GOSF 2014: Quick Tips and Tricks

gosf2014The Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) is back, and your credit card is on the verge of being maxed out. Created by Google in 2012 as India’s answer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping festivals abroad, GOSF 2014 is poised to be the biggest and most exciting edition yet, with over 300 retailers taking part.

GOSF StoriesAnd the fun has already begun with the GOSF Pre-Party, lasting from now until the kick-off of the festival on December 10. This Pre-Party, organised by Google, will involve 14 shortlisted brands, with one day reserved for each to offer day-long deals and run contests for customers. Each day will see a lucky winner who will get to shop for free for up to Rs. 2.5 lakh.

Now, we already know from previous years that the juicy deals on offer can be very tempting. So how do we make the most of it, without falling into a compulsive shopping frenzy and bring down the website like last time?

We talked to Ruchir Sharma, marketing expert at CupoNation India, who shared his advice:

Ruchir Sharma

Ruchir Sharma

  • Be organised

“Being haphazard has never helped anyone. Try to make a plan beforehand, with a list of both specific products and broad categories you’re interested in. Do your research early, for that phone or laptop you’ve got your eyes on, so that you already know which specifications you’re looking for, and then compare products, prices, and deals during the festivals. As for clothes, accessories, or shoes, we all know that it’s not something that can be planned. We often fall in love at first sight, so go ahead and fall in love. We’ve seen up to 90% discounts at the GOSF in the past!”

  • Look ahead

“Many people see so many great deals and get confused and indecisive, and thus end up missing out. The solution to this is to plan for the long-term. Think of what you’ll need to buy ahead, in the next few months or new year. Do you need a new look for winter or the perfect outfit for the wedding season? Do you have any birthdays coming up among your friends and family? Is your laptop on its last legs? Are you planning to travel abroad next summer? The smart shopper can use big shopping festivals like these to save massively on these sorts of purchases, by doing them in advance, when prices are at their lowest. Last year, we even saw some people book apartments through GOSF deals, which was new for all of us!”

  • Connect

“It might seem obvious, but there’s nothing worse than having chosen your dream product at an unbelievable price, only to have a power-cut or internet outage ruin your hard work and get you back to square one. So if you ever find a special, limited-time only deal, like during the GOSF pre-party, make sure that you’re going to be connected well, at home, office, or on a good 3G provider.

  • Compare

“You will often find that a simple comparison can substantially reduce your final price. Once you’ve made your shopping list, look at competitors for each product, and explore the price differences for the same specifications. This is especially useful for electronics. After you’ve got your eyes on one, look for that product across different retailers. Sometimes you can find the same laptop for Rs. 5000 less, just by looking at another website. And with all the GOSF deals, this number could be even higher during the GOSF 2014. Plus, during the GOSF, since it’s hard to keep track of which retailers are offering what kinds of deals, you can visit websites like CupoNation in India, which collects all the available offers across all the participating retailers, where you can search and sort both by retailer as well as by category, with just one click.”

  • Scout

“This is something that can be applied for online shopping not only during GOSF, but all year around as well. I’m sure everyone has seen the box for “voucher code” or “coupon code” while paying for online shopping, but very few people take advantage of this. Customers need to be aware that beyond the usual deals on specific products and categories, most top online retailers also publish coupon codes, which you can apply at the time of payment, to save even more money on your shopping. The question then arises, where can we find these coupons and codes? Well, they don’t show up in your Sundaynewspaper. They’re easily available online at websites such as CupoNation. CupoNation provides you with full lists of codes for all the best retailers in the country, with no extra charge or even registration. Coupons are so easy to use, that even a child can use them. And they’re gaining popularity across the world, including Australia, Germany, Italy, and Russia.”

  • Relax!

“Unlike the chaos and mayhem that is often associated with Black Friday in the U.S., with people sleeping outside shops overnight and rushing to be the first to enter, the beauty of an online festival lies in the fact that you can do it from the comfort of your home, office, or even on your phone. The offers last all through the festival, so there’s no rush, and there are neither long queues nor crowds, so don’t stress out. Just make a cup of tea, get online, and take your time in finding the right deal for you.”

So, now that you’ve heard all these insider tips, go out there, use your head, and have fun this GOSF. We’ll see exciting offers from all your favourite online retailers, including Amazon, Snapdeal, Jabong, MakeMyTrip, and many more!

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