The Economist Appoints Suprio Guha Thakurta as Chief Strategy Officer

– New CSO to help harness capabilities that exist within the digital revolution—the shift to mobile consumption of media.


The Economist Group announced that Suprio Guha Thakurta has been promoted to the newly created position of Chief Strategy Officer. Thakurta had previously served as managing director, circulation, Asia Pacific and India for The Economist. In his new role, he will report to Chris Stibbs, CEO, The Economist Group.

Suprio-Guha-Thakurta“To help us harness the capabilities that exist within the digital group and take full advantage of the opportunity, Suprio in his new position of chief strategy officer will not preside over grandiose strategies and endless spreadsheets,” said Chris Stibbs, CEO, The Economist Group. “Instead, he will ensure The Economist Group accelerates its digital plans where it sees most opportunity in the market and that we always match our world-class content with world-class plans to promote and market our new digital products and services around the globe.”

Thakurta—a sophisticated leader and strategic marketer who has a broad experience of diverse markets—will work closely withThe Economist‘s editorial, circulation marketing, media sales, digital technology and new product development teams. The new position comes on the heels of the successful launch of Espresso, a morning head start for those who want a short, sharp fix from The Economist every day. The potential to extend this into local language and audio editions is almost endless. There is also potential for The Economist to launch digital information in other languages.

Thakurta currently has responsibility for The Economist‘s Asia circulation; he will continue to be based in Mumbai and, through the fourth quarter, he will continue with his current responsibilities in order to ensure the smooth handover and continuation of the Asia strategy that he and his team launched this year.

The Economist has relentlessly applied its qualities to drive reach, readership and engagement with its content. This makesThe Economist more accessible to new potential subscribers, will create many more media opportunities for the world’s great brands to associate with The Economist, and will almost certainly open up new revenue streams that do not exist today.

With a growing global circulation (now more than 1.55 million including both print and digital) and a reputation for insightful analysis and perspective on every aspect of world events, The Economist is one of the most widely recognised and well-read current affairs publications.

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