2015 India Annual Marketing Study: Customer Retention is the Mantra

Octane’s Annual India Marketers Study ‘Digital DNA’ forecasts how India Marketers will use online marketing in 2015.

Digital DNACustomer Retention shows a sharp increase as a marketing goal in the 2015 edition of Octane India Annual e-Marketing Study. While majority of marketers still vote for Customer Acquisition as their primary marketing goal, Customer Retention sees an 80% growth since 2011.

Other key findings of this annual research study:

* Top 3 marketing investment areas for India marketers in 2015: Social Media Marketing, Websites & Email Marketing

* Content Marketing is earning its place with India marketers. 61% marketers believe ‘Blogs and Newsletter’ is the most effective content marketing tool. However for Education (63%), Retail & e-commerce (71%) and Travel (55%) sectors, Social Media acts like a more robust tool for content marketing

* India marketers report Increased Brand exposure as the leading benefit of Social Media Campaigns. Lead generation from Social Media is reported lowly at No. 5 in terms of benefits/Social Media ROI.

* 57% India marketers think that in 2015 integrated campaigns will lead to ‘significant impact’ on conversion rates, this shift saw an increase of 84% (57% in 2015 vs 31% in 2011) over the last 5 years

* Mobile marketing continues to grow. 40% India marketers think that over 50% of emails in 2015 will be viewed on mobile devices, seeing a YoY growth of 25%

* Over the last 2 years marketers are getting more dependent upon their ESPs (Email Service Providers) for their campaign success, seeing a growth of 70% since 2012

Octane has released the 5th edition of its Annual India e-Marketing Study today. This Study captures key trends on how online marketing in India has changed over the last 4 years (2011 – 2014) and predicts what India marketers are planning for 2015 in-terms of strategy, budgets and plan for online marketing. These insights are derived from a study with an active participation of 465+ India marketers from 399 organizations and 12 industry verticals and notably the support of Industry associations – DMAi, IAMAI and RAI.

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Commenting on its release, Punit Modhgil, Managing Director & Co-founder, Octane Marketing (octane.in) said, “Digital in India has arrived. In 2015, it is no longer the future. Therefore, the theme of this year’s report reflects upon how online marketing is indeed the DNA of India marketing plans.”

The study report also looks at the forecast for India online marketing for 2015, in-terms of specific trends and predictions for 2015. According to Mr. Modhgil, “Digital 1:1 marketing (Email and SMS) is growing in India, with BFSI and Retail sectors at the forefront of employing this technique for greater marketing ROI. Additionally, more India marketers feel that integrated campaigns have a significant impact on campaign success with more and more marketers deploying such campaigns.”

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