Brand Loyalty in Asia Pacific and Japan has a Six Second Shelf Life

In today’s Application Economy, businesses delivering a sub-par application experience risk losing 31 percent of their customers.

The results of a regional study commissioned by CA Technologies reveal that mobile and desktop applications have become the new battleground for brand loyalty in Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ). In today’s software-driven application economy, where consumers are more discerning about what they expect from applications, the reality is that businesses that fail to deliver a positive application experience risk losing about a third of their customer base. CA Technologies creates software that fuels transformation for companies and enables them to seize the opportunities of the application economy.

6 second infographicThe study – Software: the New Battleground for Brand Loyalty – surveyed 1,449 consumers and 259 business decision makers across five APJ countries to uncover how each group thought various characteristics of applications impacted user experience, and how well different industries delivered on those characteristics. Respondents identified three factors that have the biggest impact on the consumer experience:

Quick Loading – 75 percent of consumer respondents, who left a brand because of poor load times, said a loading time of six or less seconds was acceptable – and 39 percent of those respondents demand a load time of less than three seconds.

  1. Simple Functionality – More than 70 percent of APJ consumers ranked ‘easy-to-use features’ and over 63-percent ranked applications that ‘perform tasks with little difficulty’ as top drivers of their decision to utilize or purchase an application; and
  2. The Assurance of Security – Over 60 percent ranked an application’s ability to ‘prevent vulnerabilities such as viruses and denial of service attacks’ and ‘perform more functions safely and securely’ as key features. In addition, of the users who had a fair or poor experience with application security, 17 percent said that they would leave a brand forever.

“Applications are fast becoming the first and primary means for consumers to connect with businesses,” said Kenneth Arredondo, president & general manager, Asia Pacific & Japan, CA Technologies. “Companies need to adopt this customer-centric mindset and combine it with the growing amount of ambient data from always-connected devices. Ultimately, they must produce applications that are personalized, secure, responsive and easy to use.”

The study revealed there is a disconnect in perception between business decision makers and consumers on how well industries are able to provide application technologies. Businesses generally have a better perception of the quality of application delivery than consumers: a difference of 14 percent in financial services, and 11 percent in Government Administration.

The study also highlighted how applications have become crucial meeting points between consumers and organizations. According to the survey, more than half (52%) of all respondents are using applications to shop, 49 percent are using applications to bank; and more than 46 percent of respondents say they use their applications to make online purchases and consume media, like videos and television shows.

“Organizations need to stop seeing applications as being merely an extension of their business, but rather a critical component of their business model,” added Arredondo. “To achieve this, companies need to seriously look at what customers want, which will include listening to their needs and adoption of predictive analytics to gain deeper, actionable insights to drive application development.”

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