New Platform Veooz Delivers High-Quality, Tailored News Users Crave and Will Want to Read

Whether You’re a ‘News Junkie’ or Just Someone who Likes to Stay Informed, Veooz, a Revolutionary News and Social Media Aggregator Platform, is Transforming how News is Delivered to Millions of People all Over the World 

The way news is reported and consumed is constantly changing, thanks to the booming growth of the Internet, mobile and social media.

“Today, consumers play as much a role in news content creation and curation as do the reporters and journalists. They create, upload, share, like, agree, disagree on various stories and opinions on the Internet. This makes it hard to find everything about a story at one place,” stated Srini Koppolu, Veooz CEO and co-founder.

Fullscreen capture 822015 61057 PMVeooz is on a mission to change that. Unlike similar products on the market, Veooz is the only platform that enables users to experience stories in multiple ways all at one place. Users can easily skim through headlines, read a short summary or get multiple perspectives of the story. Using the 360 feature, they can also get related stories, pictures, videos and even see live social media buzz related to the story.

“Our platform has the unique capability to pull ‘the buzz’ related to a story, filter out noise and show posts which are meaningful and/or are from influential people,” stated Prasad Pingali, CTO of Veooz.

From the millions of articles, Veooz presents users with the right mix of stories in their feeds based on their location and interests. It presently supports 40 countries and 2,000 cities. It is also available in multiple languages.

veooz2.pngThis revolutionary new platform is a near real-time engine that continuously looks for new content 24/7 on the web. To deliver the best content possible, Veooz only shows stories to users after there is reasonable evidence that it is gaining momentum on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

With more than 100K topics to choose from, users can follow general topics such as technology, business, sports, entertainment or specific topics such as celebrities, locations, companies, products, occupational interests, hashtags and more.

Veooz is a free service that is accessible through its website simply by clicking here. Users can also download the Veooz app on Google Play for Android phones or on Apple iTunes for iPhones.


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