Corporate Coaching Giant KurNiv Enters India

KurNiv Success Solutions (KNSS), the leading success solutions firm has set foot in India. After having strategically developed and coached a little less than a dozen organizations in the US, the firm is all set to offer corporate coaching with an emphasis on leadership, strategic development programs, cross-cultural training and strategy consulting in India.

The three key elements of KurNiv Success Solutions (KNSS) are:

  • KNSS coaches people to think in terms of growth
  • KNSS brings value addition to a growing organization
  • KNSS defines organizations

KurNiv Success Solutions (KNSS) designs organizations to effectively compete in today’s constantly growing and changing global market. The firm understands that it is the human capital of an organization that plays the most important role in business success and it is not always about how to effectively manage the personnel, but many times it is more about making sure a company’s workforce understands not only its job, but also other elements that can lead to successful growth for the company.

Delighted about the move, Freyaz Shroff, Global Head of Operations, KurNiv Success Solutions opined, “Globalization is shaping a customer’s requirements and demands for not only superior products, but also outstanding service, and India is no different. India is a culturally diverse country which reflects in every organization thriving in the country. Integrating the diversity of an organization’s human capital into a structural whole is extremely essential and this is where our expertise comes into the picture.”

With a vision to Educate, Encourage, Empower & Excite individuals to become leaders of sustainable growth and productive change in India, KNSS has an outstanding track record in business analyses and training. Their strengths lie in Project Management, Business Development and Creating Competitive Advantage. The firm will also offer various business success courses such as Managing Team Diversity, Team Building, Thought Processes, Public Speaking and Presenting.

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