When Mauka of last year returned, this time for World T20

Cricket being the game, which has all the elements of entertainment and excitement needs no support to promote itself. But who has stayed away from the promotional bug, more now when there is so much of cluttered information present and mediums to carry it. There have been number of promotional campaigns to announce a World Cup, a series between Nations or a tournament.

In the year 1999, while Indian cricket team was ousted at an early stage, India still hummed the tunes of “Come on India Dikha Do” sung by Shankar Mahadevan as a promotional campaign. In 2011, it was #BleedBlue that pumped every cricket fanatics blood, India winning the World Cup that year.

While “Make every yard count” and “Bleed Blue” have tried to be spine chilling and all about being aggressive, in 2015 came the campaign that had that quotient in it- the quotient of laughs and emotions in the same frame- The Mauka Mauka campaign

The Mauka started off as a one-off ad, the makers then with every match India played, cashing upon the ‘mauka’ they saw after its release online, turning it into a full-fledged campaign.

India were to play Pakistan in the opening encounter. Pakistan had never won a game against India in a World Cup. The stage was set for an epic game, as always between India & Pakistan. But before the game dropped an Ad that swept hearts and cracked laughs at the same time. Mauka Mauka, India Vs Pakistan (2015). The spot received over a million views overnight. The response then led to what we saw as a series of ads from the campaign which never was there. The breaks between overs were waited for and thoroughly enjoyed.

The ads before every game India played, were spot on, depicting the story of clashes that India had with other teams in funny narratives. They captured the intense excitement and fan frenzy surrounding cricket matches in India with a dash of humor.

While what worked for the campaign is depicting the losses of teams to India in a very teasing and humorous way, there were Ads were prank was played on the Indian team instead (South Africa Vs India). The curiosity stayed with every new match of team India and how things will be played around. The campaign bounded the whole Country together, looking for mauka after mauka, as Indian team surged along.

The background score (Mauka Mauka) became a chant and only added to the popularity of the campaign. The ads became a favorite even among the foreign players.

An irritated, hopeful Pakistani fan, looking for a mauka in an Indian Ad meant to promote the games played by India. A Pakistani fan as the face of India’s participation in World Cup had to different form others and so it was.

The campaign hit over 30 million views making it the most viewed advertisement series during the World Cup.

The campaign returned this time for World T20, the first spot being an emotional appeal form the Pakistani Fan (played again by Vishal Malhotra) to Shahid Afridi, Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team. The spot starts with the same cracker basket from last year but the Pakistani Fan this time with an emotional appeal to win.


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