30th June,2016 When the World celebrated the day as #SocialMediaDay

Making its debut in 2010, Social Media Day was launched by the popular tech site, Mashable to celebrate the impact that social media has had on communication. June 30 marks the annual celebration of the new age, beloved, social media platforms.

The first steps into creating a noticeable social platform began with Aol (America Online). Considered by many to be the “internet before the internet” and having featured everything from e-mail to bulletin boards to Usenet access, online courses, educational services and more.

Geocities and other blogging sites started rising to popularity in the early nineties. More and more personal information was being posted online and a lot more data was being shared.

It was around this time that experimentation with real social networks started. Classmates.com for example, started out as a networking service for, well, classmates. You still couldn’t create personal profiles, but the ability to find and connect with long lost buddies, crushes and exes had wide appeal.

The Year 2000 saw the Y2K bug and social networking taking a more serious turn. The first decade of the new millennium saw Friendster, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn burst into existence.

LinkedIn needs no introduction. Founded in 2003, the site started off as a network for professionals and businesses and is now host to over 300 million active users.

Facebook started out as Facemash, a dorm room experiment that went from a handful of bored Harvard students to an all-encompassing social platform with a billion plus active users in a little over 10 years.

A few years after Facebook was founded Twitter, essentially SMS for the Internet. Instant Messaging services on phones didn’t exist at the time and SMS was the most popular medium for communication on phones but it’s now bloomed to beyond mere text with about 300 million active users.

What does the future hold? The future is unknown, but everyone’s betting big on virtual reality. Facebook and Twitter are working on VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality), immersion is the new buzzword.


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