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‘Everything sells...’, or does it? Consumer products are broadly categorised into consumer durables and non-durables also known as FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). Team Consumer Capers are rationalists who think it takes a little more than ‘Push Marketing’ to sell. They write about brand image, campaigns, sponsorship, consumer engagement, experiential marketing and PR behind any conceivable item in your day to day life, which you probably take for granted.

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India Inc. Losing Top Talent to Startups

39% organisations lost their top talent to startups in past six months. 45% of the companies surveyed agree that they had lost their choicest and top talent to startups. Over 60% candidates with 2-5 years experience move to startups to explore their creative side, and about 67% of the candidates with 5-10 years experience join startups for better […]

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Transform Asia-Pacific Shortlist Reveals Worldwide Branding Excellence

Brand strategy is often dictated by a company’s location, its reach; whether national, international or global, and its target audience. Different markets respond in different ways to the various components that make up one complete brand, and global brands must find a way of communicating their unique brand consistently across all of these different markets. […]

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Digital Guiding Principles Now Written for Beer, Wine And Spirits

World’s leading producers of beer, wine, and spirits united to launch the Digital Guiding Principles (DGPs), the first-ever set of global guidelines for beverage alcohol producers’ online marketing and social media use. The DGPs require the content of any online marketing to meet the same high standards that apply to traditional marketing activities. The launch […]

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#handfie: A Viral Campaign To Fight Virus & Bacterial Spread

Dettol launched an interesting global campaign ‘Give Life a Hand’ to emphasize on the importance of a simple act of hand-washing with soap, and drive habit change. The campaign spread awareness particularly among children because they are the most effective agents of change in society. Largely led by digital, the campaign invited people to pledge their support […]

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Innovative Advertisers Looking Beyond App Installs, Focus on Retargeting

Through the last year, advertisers in mobile-led countries like China and India have made heavy investments in building and marketing Apps. Slowly however, marketers are starting to look beyond installs at engaging users to improve the return on investment from their apps effectively., a leading online boutique operating in China, has an unremitting volume […]

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The Future of PR: Harish Bijoor, Brand Expert at PRestival 2012

The Opening Keynote by Harish Bijoor, Brand Expert at PRestival 2012 on ‘The Future of PR’

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Yeh Andar Ki Baat Hai – Decoding the Image Strategy of Indian Underwear Brands

An analysis of how Indian underwear brands have positioned themselves and three tips for how they can evolve.

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How to Drive Collaboration, Innovation, and Growth Through Communications: Deepak Jolly, Coca Cola

Deepak Jolly, Vice President Public Affairs and Communications, Coca Cola India and South West Asia, on how a series of sustained and effective sustainability initiatives have contributed to Coca Cola’s growth in India.

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