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This team sure sounds Greek but their job is to write about the latest developments in medicine, and what goes into the marketing and branding of the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry. This is a rare niche in the overarching PR industry and is much less talked about. Yet Team Diagnosis tries to scoop out articles that interest you beyond looking for prescriptions for your illness.

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#handfie: A Viral Campaign To Fight Virus & Bacterial Spread

Dettol launched an interesting global campaign ‘Give Life a Hand’ to emphasize on the importance of a simple act of hand-washing with soap, and drive habit change. The campaign spread awareness particularly among children because they are the most effective agents of change in society. Largely led by digital, the campaign invited people to pledge their support […]

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The Anniversary of Crisis Management: What the Tylenol Crisis Taught The PR Industry

Three decades later, the Tylenol crisis is still a PR benchmark of how to manage a crisis. Here’s what PR pros can learn from it.

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Infographic – What PR Professionals Can Learn From Psychology

An infographic exploring the link between psychology and public relations.

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5 Common PR Disasters Faced by Hospitals – Plus Tips to Manage Them Effectively

With much of the press focus on hospitals in India being negative in recent times, here are some tips for how hospitals can avoid major PR pitfalls.

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Two ways to deal with a medical-PR crisis

Medical PR crises encompass a variety of flavours like lawsuits, white collar crime, massive layoffs and personal tragedies. Here are two cases from the past. Each company faced their own crisis, but only one came out unscathed.

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PR for drugs, in India

The promising pharmaceutical market in India has tremendous promotional potential, but corporates are often forced to given in to social pressure. So just how are the 100s of drug companies to market their products?

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