AIMA’s 3rd Marketing Retreat: Strategies for an Accelerating World


What will be the key to success and even survival is Strategic and Innovative Marketing?  As rules change and forces realign, marketing practitioners are increasingly finding that what worked yesterday, might not tomorrow. Today, the marketer’s role is no longer purely operational; he or she needs to be a strategist and change agent who can […]

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CYPHER 2015, Analytics India Summit on 12th September in Bangalore

Cypher 2015

Analytics is no more a buzz word but the need for the hour for every organization. There is lot of work happening in analytics space and it is touching all industries, domain and every aspect of our lives. Analytics is an extremely faced paced industry, what is novel now is outdated in 1-2 years. The […]

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OnePlus Pulls Out Yet Another Genius, Launching OnePlus 2 in Virtual Reality

OnePlus2 invite

Making history with world’s first product launch event in Virtual Reality (VR) OnePlus mobiles is all set to present yet another case study worth being a talk point for the marketing fraternity. Will the virtual launch of OnePlus 2 prove to be another feather in the cap of OnePlus or otherwise is something that’s to be […]

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China Launches its own ‘Youtube’


V1 New Media has launched the largest PGC (Professionally Generated Content) platform project in China. Together with over 500 content providers, including Trends Group, Modern Sky, Feideishou, Zhengyun TV, it is to establish the largest ‘Chinese Youtube’ in the world. They have introduced over 500 PGC teams in the vertical field, including Trends Group, Modern Sky, Feideishou and The […]

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