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Pretty simple name for a team! Tourism, hospitality, food, day to day inventions that make your life easier, lifestyles of celebrities, CEOs and other hot shots. Well that’s the interesting part, but the real work of this team is to dig deep into the industry and update you with analysis. Not just the caviar that you like but what goes into the billion dollar fishing industry and the factors that lead to a great product or service.

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What if Branson, the entrepreneur met Gandhi, the visionary?

Stephen Manallack, author of Soft Skills for a Flat World (Tata McGraw-Hill), combines the best of India and the best of the Westland creating cross-cultural understanding.

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A PR Crisis for PETA – Are Battered Women Better Than Battered Animals?

PETA has always looked to shock with their campaigns, but has their latest stunt gone too far?

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How Social Media is Changing the Image of Wedding Invitations in India

For ages, a wedding in the family has meant an exhaustive guest-list which in turn has meant an exhausted messenger. Strictly adhering to generations of tradition and culture, ornate Ganesh-motifed invitations, with paisley bordered gold lettering, and a booklet for an itinerary, would personally be delivered to scores of relatives, friends and neighbours. Each of […]

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Destination PR decoded

Tourism campaigns are an excellent way to promote a destination. Movies have been known for long to do that through their outdoor locations shootings. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

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CEOs are a company’s biggest PR tool

It’s the people that make the company. If Richard Branson wasn’t so kooky, would Virgin be so creative? Is Steve Jobs wasn’t such a thinker would there even exist an iPod ? If Vijay Mallya didn’t live life king size, would his beer be so popular?

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